Power Slap: New slap fighting show sponsoring Daytona 500 car

Dana White’s new slap fighting show will run as a sponsor in the famed NASCAR race

Power Slap and Rumble will both sponsor the No. 78 Chevrolet Camaro in the Daytona 500. The Live Fast Motorsports machine will be driven by BJ McLeod.

Power Slap is a new slap fighting sanction. It was founded by Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta and Craig Piligian in partnership with the UFC.

Power Slap: Road to the Title is a tv show showcasing the slap fighters. The show can be seen on multiple platforms, including Rumble.

They are set for their first marquee live event on Saturday, March 11th in Las Vegas.

Power Slap 1, the first live promotion will see a slap fight between Darius The Destroyer and Wolverine in the title match. Both fighters are seen on McLeod’s Daytona 500 car.

BJ McLeod comments

“I have been a huge fan of combat sports all my life. Having Power Slap on my car at the Daytona 500 is a huge deal to me and I am so excited to represent them and Rumble in our biggest race” said Live Fast Motorsports co-owner and driver B.J. McLeod.

Rumble comments

Rumble is a digital media platform which is described as, “immune to cancel culture.”

“We are excited to continue our momentum in sports content by joining forces with Live Fast Motorsports and B. J. McLeod while continuing to highlight our partnership with Power Slap,” said Rumble Chairman and CEO Chris Pavlovski.

Live Fast Motorsports is a single car team based out of North Carolina. It’s co-owned by BJ McLeod and Matt Tifft.

The Daytona 500 takes place on February 19th at Daytona International Speedway in Florida. Live Fast Motorsports is one of the 36 charter teams, guaranteed a spot in the event.

You can watch Power Slap videos here: https://rumble.com/powerslap

Power Slap
Power Slap - Daytona 500 car
Power Slap – Daytona 500 car

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