Ty Gibbs vs Michael McDowell at North Wilkesboro (Video)

“I don’t have the budget for the fine.”

NASCAR Cup Series drivers are set to race for $1M tonight at North Wilkesboro Speedway. 21 cars were locked into the race before the weekend began. For the rest of the field, they raced in a 100 lap LCQ with just the top two finishers transferring into the All-Star field.

Watch the Ty Gibbs vs Michael McDowell video below.

With 46 laps to go, Michael McDowell worked the outside lane and he moved into 3rd. However, Ty Gibbs lined up his bumper and shoved him into the corner.

McDowell chases his machine up the track. Unfortunately, Justin Haley was on his outside. McDowell was shoved into Haley.

McDowell and Haley both slammed the outside wall. They picked up heavy damage and their chance at transferring into the All-Star race was gone.

With just 23 laps to go, Ty Gibbs was the race leader. He was attempting to put McDowell another lap down. Yet, as Gibbs worked to his inside, McDowell turned left and shoves the leader onto the apron of the track.

As McDowell retaliated on Gibbs, Josh Berry drove by both of them and took the lead away.

“We got some help there, with whatever happened with the No. 34. I don’t know what that was, that was pretty bad,” Berry stated after the win.

North Wilkesboro Results: May 21, 2023 (NASCAR All-Star Open)

Ty Gibbs comments

“It’s special to be here. I wasn’t alive when they raced here but it’s a worn out racetrack for sure,” Ty Gibbs told Fox Sports.

“I kinda understand the No. 34’s frustration. But, at Martinsville, we were running 18th, they clobbered us and about wrecked us. So, I think it’s obviously, fair game.”

“I understand his frustration, but we got in (to the All-Star Race) so that’s all that matters.”

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Michael McDowell comments

“It’s short track racing to try to get into the All-Star race so, somebody’s going to leave with hurt feelings. I guess it’s me,” Michael McDowell stated.

“I got a great restart there. Kinda worked the outside. I was able to get down.”

“You know, Ty just plowed into me, knocked me into the No. 31 and spun us both out. Got a lot of damage from that.”

“We ended up on the short side of it, that sucks. All that stuff comes around. You can get away with it a few times but it comes around.”

“I don’t have the budget for the fine. Otherwise, I’d be wouldn’t be standing here, I’d be standing down there.”

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Ty Gibbs spins Michael McDowell
North Wilkesboro Speedway
Ty Gibbs vs Michael McDowell
North Wilkesboro Speedway

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