Little 500 Results: May 27, 2023 (Anderson Speedway)

75th Annual Little 500 results for the 500 Sprint Car Tour

The racing world has eyes on the 1/4-mile of Anderson Speedway in Anderson, Indiana. It’s the 75th running of the Little 500 with a race purse of $136,700 for asphalt sprint cars, a day before the famed Indy 500.

View Little 500 results below.

Kody Swanson, Tyler Roahrig and Jake Trainor set the front row. 500 laps of bullring racing are up next…

Little 500

Green flag, Kody Swanson gets the jump. Shawn Bonar is around before turn one. Heavy damage for him and the caution is out already.

Lap 19, Geoff Ensign is around, caution.

Lap 70, Justin Harper and Isaac Chapple tangle. The caution is out.

Lap 99, Brian Gerster spins, caution.

Lap 125, Bobby Santos, Brian Gerster and Brian Vaughn tangle on the front stretch, caution.

Green, Kody Swanson leads Tyler Roahrig. 9 cars remain on the lead lap.

Lap 142, Shane Hollingsworth is in the wall!

Lap 185, Emerson Axsom pits under green from 3rd. He comes out of the pits and the car stalls on the apron. The caution is out.

Most of the leaders head for the pit lane. Tyler Roahrig takes over the lead.

Green, Roahrig leads Tanner Swanson.

Lap 220

Lap 220, Roahrig works heavy lap traffic. Tanner Swanson dives under Roahrig, Tanner Swanson to the lead. Swanson has a lot of smoke coming from his machine under braking.

Lap 234, Doug Fitzwater is around, caution.

Lap 280, Tanner Swanson pulls to the apron from the race lead! The caution is out and the former race leader gets a push to the pit lane.

Green, Roahrig leads Caleb Armstrong.

Lap 320, Roahrig struggles with lap traffic. Armstrong closes to within a car length.

Lap 338, Bryan Gossel comes to a stop on the apron, caution.

Lap 357, caution for debris.

Kody Swanson and CJ Leary pit under the yellow from 3rd and 4th.

Lap 380, Caleb Armstrong slows from 2nd! The caution is back out.

Roahrig heads for the pit lane under the yellow. Jake Trainer pits from 2nd as well. Roahrig returns to the pit lane for a second time with an issue. Kody Swanson stays out and cycles back to the race lead.

Green, Swanson leads Leary.

Roahrig remains on the pit lane. The crew finally gets it fixed but he’s now 4 laps down.

Lap 390, caution.

100 to go

100 to go, Kody Swanson leads Jake Trainer and Caleb Armstrong.

91 to go, CJ Leary slows from 2nd with an issue. The caution is out.

77 to go, Kody Swanson leads with Jake Trainer all over his bumper.

55 to go, Caleb Armstrong enters high in turn three. He diamonds the exit and crosses under Kody Swanson off turn four to un lap himself. Jake Trainer follows him through and takes the lead away!

30 to go, Trainer opens the gap to Kody Swanson. Caleb Armstrong is the only other car on the lead lap.

10 to go, Trainer leads Swanson by 7 seconds.

6 to go, Doug Fitzwater spins and the caution is out!

Green, Trainer opens the gap.

At 18 years old, Jake Trainer wins the Little 500 at Anderson Speedway!

Little 500 Results
May 27, 2023
Anderson Speedway

Pos | Driver

1. Jake Trainer

2. Caleb Armstrong

3. Kody Swanson

4. Jacob Wilson

5. Logan Seavey

6. Dalton Armstrong

7. Derek Bischak

8. Tyler Roahrig

9. Brady Bacon

10. Davey Hamilton

11. Aaron Willison

12. Emerson Axsom

13. Scott Evans

14. Bryan Gossel

15. Geoff Ensign

16. Doug Fitzwater

17. CJ Leary

18. Chris Neuenschwander

19. Tanner Swanson

20. Travis Welpott

21. LJ Grimm

22. Shane Hollingsworth

23. Billy Wease

24. Bobby Santos

25. Brian Gerster

26. Brian Vaughn

27. Dakoda Armstrong

28. Kyle O’Gara

29. Isaac Chapple

30. Justin Harper

31. Jacob McElfresh

32. Tony Main

33. Shawn Bonar


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