NASCAR drivers vandalize Kevin Harvick’s bus at Charlotte (Video)

Kevin Harvick: “I hope that’s not my toilet paper. I’m on a budget.”

NASCAR is racing at home this weekend in Concord, North Carolina. However, drivers have still brought their buses to the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Watch the video of Kevin Harvick’s bus getting teepeed below

Many NASCAR Cup Series drivers are a part of the ‘Drivers Only’ broadcast for Saturday’s Xfinity Series race. However, rain is in the area and it didn’t take long for the broadcast to be derailed.

Austin Cindric, Tyler Reddick, Regan Smith and Jamie Little invaded Kevin Harvick’s bus. And with Harvick in the broadcast booth, he saw a live shot of the bus invasion.

Kevin Harvick reacts to his bus getting teepeed

“Oh my goodness,” Kevin Harvick stated as he saw the first shot of the vandals in his bus.

Ryan Blaney added, “I need to text me bus driver and tell him to lock it immediately.”

“Make yourself comfortable on the couch. There’s nothing to eat because we are so close to home.”

“I hope that’s not my toilet paper. I’m on a budget.”

“I’ve had to wear a goofy hat today, my motorhome got toilet papered. It’s like having kids.”

Joey Logano jumped in, pointing out that, “they didn’t even take their shoes off.”

Austin Cindric jumped in, “I’m learning that Kevin Harvick is a psychopath. He has olives that are in an apple sauce container. And they’re not refrigerated or anything.”

Harvick explained, “Both of my kids and wife love to eat olives.”

“You guys are making a great mess. So, I appreciate that.”

Austin Cindric decided to raid the pantry. He came out with popcorn and proceeded to attempt the microwave.

Regan Smith jumped in to ask, “Are you trying to pop toiler paper right now?”

Harvick had concern with that question from Smith, “Oh god. Don’t burn it down.”

Harvick was asked about his wife’s reaction to this, “I’m sure she’s super thrilled they’re all in there with their shoes on.”

Moments later, Jamie Little spilled apple juice.

“We thought our kids were old enough to take the plastic off the rug. Apparently, we had some other things we needed to worry about.

Jimmie Little responded, “Old people put plastic on furniture.”

Joey Logano recalls the time his house was teepeed

“Shannon Spake did this to my house one time,” Joey Logano added.

“Her and her kids showed up after we won the championship. They teepeed a lot of the trees. They through it up there really high. It gets caught and it rips, so I can’t get it down.”

“Of course, it rained. It was everywhere, for months. It was in the mulch.”

“So, I know from expirence, a rainy day is the time to do it. If you really wanna get someone good.”

Kevin Harvick’s bus teepeed

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