Sheldon Creed penalized by NASCAR for intention wrecking (Video)

Watch the video as Sheldon Creed got into Sammy Smith at Nashville Superspeedway

On Saturday, the NASCAR Xfinity Series races at Nashville Superspeedway. Days later, NASCAR has issued a stiff penalty.

Watch the Sheldon Creed vs Sammy Smith video below.

NASCAR announced the penalty on Wednesday. Sheldon Creed has been docked 25 points. He’s also been fined $25,000.

Section 4.4.B: Member Code of Conduct

 “Attempting to manipulate the outcome of the Race or championship.”

 “Wrecking or spinning another vehicle, whether or not that vehicle is removed from Competition as a result.”

On lap 69 of 196, Creed made contact with the No. 18 of Sammy Smith. It appeared that Creed missed the bottom lane and/or clipped the apron. He chased it up the track and made contact with the left rear of Smith.

Smith was sent hard into the outside wall. With heavy rear end damage, the No. 18 was done for the race.

Looks can be deceiving. Radio communications told a different story.

“Following Saturday’s race at Nashville Superspeedway, NASCAR reviewed radio communications from the No. 2 team. In NASCAR’s determination, that communication clearly resulted in the No. 2 car wrecking the No. 18 car on Lap 69, causing the seventh caution of the race.”

Nashville Results: June 24, 2023 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

Sheldon Creed wrecks Sammy Smith
Nashville Superspeedway


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