Man dies while working on Chicago’s NASCAR track

Early reports indicate the man was electrocuted

Today, NASCAR is set to begin the race weekend in Chicago, Illinois. The course will make history as NASCAR’s first street race.

Tragedy has stuck the event before cars have even touched the track.

A worker of a staging and lighting company has died while working on the track. A police report noted the man may have been electrocuted. WGN first reported the incident.

An autopsy will later confirm the cause of death.

NASCAR confirmed a worker suffered, “a fatal medical emergency.” The incident took place near the starting line of the course.

Duane Tabinski was 53-years-old.

DUANE Statement

Tabinski was the owner of Nabas LLC dba DUANE.

“The DUANE team is shocked and saddened to inform you of Duane Tabinski’s passing earlier today,” his company tweeted.

“He was busy doing what he loved, providing a top-of-the-line audio experience for the enjoyment of others. A very giving and caring soul, Duane will be missed. Updates to come,” the statement added.

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