Ryan Preece confronts Michael McDowell at NHMS (Video)

NASCAR drivers Ryan Preece and Michael McDowell had a heated exchange at New Hampshire Motor Speedway

NASCAR dropped the green flag on a rare Monday afternoon show following Sunday’s rainout. New Hampshire Motor Speedway hosted the NASCAR Cup Series and there was a bit of drama after the race.

Watch the Ryan Preece vs Michael McDowell video below.

After the checkered flag, cars pulled to the pit lane. Ryan Preece climbed from his car and quickly walked over to the machine of Michael McDowell.

Preece was seen highly agitated with a lot of hand gestures. The conversation continued as McDowell was still taking off his helmet and Hans device.

The conversation then abruptly ended with Preece giving a small shoved to McDowell before he walked away. McDowell turned around, placed his helmet on in has car then ran over to catch up to Preece.

McDowell caught up to Preece and put his arm around his shoulder. Preece then brushed him away to say, “Stay away from me.”

The two drivers then stopped walking and engaged in more conversation. A few more words were exchanged as Preece shook his head.

Michael McDowell comments

“He has every right to be mad,” Michael McDowell told Bob Pockrass.

“He pulled a slider on me in 3-4, slid up and I got back underneath him. And, when I drove to the bottom, on the flat, I made a downshift and I just didn’t get a good downshift.”

“I got loose and I came up and I hit him. I put him in the wall. So, that’s completely 100% my fault.”

“I understand why he’s upset. It was a mistake but it doesn’t matter. Intent in our sport, even though it matters, it doesn’t matter in the moment. He got a poor finish because I hit him.”

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Ryan Preece confronts Michael McDowell

Ryan Preece vs Michael McDowell
New Hampshire Motor Speedway

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