NASCAR penalty for Richmond Raceway wall ride? (Video)

Will we see a penalty issued for a wall ride on the final lap at Richmond Raceway

Last season, Ross Chastain grabbed 5th gear at Martinsville Speedway. As he entered turn three on the final lap, he never lifted. Instead, Chastain rode the outside wall, passed five car, set the track record, grabbed a playoff spot and went viral.

Ross Chastain rides wall at Martinsville; Passes 5 cars (Video)

It’s a move that’s been attempted, many times. However, Chastain was the first to do it with any level of success.

Ahead of this season, NASCAR introduced a new rule to prevent the move. The sanction noted that it was a safety issue.

NASCAR Rule Changes for 2023: Stage racing update, wall riding, mufflers, rain tires and more

Richmond Wall Ride?

On Sunday, NASCAR raced at Richmond Raceway. The race saw many stints of long green flag runs and drivers were able to work in the upper lane. Kyle Larson was one of the drivers using that lane, especially as the tires wore out.

Watch the video of the Richmond Raceway wall ride below.

A video taken by a fan of the final lap appears to show someone riding the wall in turn four. Unfortunately, the phone doubles as a potato and the images aren’t very clear.

As of now, we can only speculate who it was to ride the wall. The majority of fans who’ve seen the video have guessed that it was Kyle Larson that appeared to ride the wall.

It’s hard to tell, but it also looks like a pass was made with the move. Will NASCAR issue a penalty?

Any penalties are typically announced on Tuesday or Wednesday after the event.

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