NASCAR Rule Changes for 2023: Stage racing update, wall riding, mufflers, rain tires and more

NASCAR has released several updated rules for the new season

The 2023 NASCAR season is set to begin. And ahead of the new season, there’s been several changes to the rule book.

View the new rules for the 2023 season below.

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NASCAR rule changes for 2023

Stage Breaks: Stage breaks are being removed for NASCAR Cup Series events on road courses. The breaks will remain for Trucks and Xfinity.

Wall Riding: Ross Chastain stood on the gas, skipped the brake pedal all together and rode the wall at Martinsville Speedway. The move gathered national attention as he passed five cars in one corner and advanced in the championship round.

For 2023, NASCAR prohibits the move and if it’s pulled, drivers will be handed a timed penalty, at all tracks.

NASCAR noted a safety issue in regards to why they added the new rule.

Chastain rides wall at Martinsville; Passes 5 cars (Video)

Chastain details the NASCAR wall ride; New rule coming?

Rain Tire Option (Select Ovals): NASCAR has been testing rain tires. Now, they’re ready to put them in place for a select number of events.

Rain Tire Oval Tracks – Clash, North Wilkesboro, Phoenix, Richmond, Milwaukee, New Hampshire, IRP, Martinsville.

Wiper Rules: The wiper blades now must be installed at the 12 o-clock position.

Choose Rule: Previously, the rule didn’t apply to superspeedways or the dirt race. For 2023, drivers will choose their restart lane at both dirt tracks and superspeedways.

Restart Box: The box length will be extended 50% for the start of the season. NASCAR will re-evaluate after the first five races.

DVP: The time allowed to make repairs have been increased to 7 minutes.

Lost Wheel Penalties: Losing a wheel has been one of the biggest and most common penalties. For 2023, the penalty has been adjusted:

(Yellow Flag – Lost Wheel on Pit Road): Start at the rear

(Green flag – Lost Wheel on Pit Road): Pass through penalty

(Yellow or Green – Lost Wheel on Track): 2 lap penalty, 2 race suspension for two crew members of NASCAR’s choosing.

Previously announced rule changes

Mufflers: The cars will have mufflers installed for 2023. These have been installed to slightly reduce noise.

NASCAR is testing mufflers to reduce noise levels

Chassis Changes: Last year, NASCAR announced that the chassis designs will be updated. They’ve removed several bars to add crush zones. NASCAR covered the costs for these updates to the Next Gen car.

Aero Changes? NASCAR hosted a short track test where different aero elements were installed. They also tried various spoiler heights. The series has scheduled a wind tunnel test for mid-February to further evaluate those changes before implementation.

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A new NASCAR rule change goes into action regarding chassis shims for 2023