NASCAR talks the Brad Keselowski controversy

Brad Keselowski drove in circles during the red flag at Daytona International Speedway

on Saturday night, NASCAR raced at Daytona International Speedway. After the finish, fans wondered why Brad Keselowski wasn’t penalized.

During a red flag, all cars came to a stop and that’s when Keselowski caught fire. With an expert level toolkit, Keselowski fired his engine and drove around on the apron, in circles, until the fire was put out.

As he drove around in circles, he caught crazy eyes from his competitors. He had the same attention from the tower. However, NASCAR elected not to issue any penalties.

The rule is that you’re unable to work on your car during a red flag. Keselowski found a gray area and worked right through it.

NASCAR drivers comment as Brad Keselowski makes circles (Video)

NASCAR reacts the Brad Keselowski driving under the red flag

“We’re under red flag conditions. Our pace car driver, when he was making laps there he had noticed the No. 6 and some smoke coming out of it,” Elton Sawyer stated via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“I don’t know that we ever witnessed any actual fire. But, there was smoke.”

“You gotta give Brad a lot of credit there. He just starts doing circles. We look up from the tower, ‘What is going on?’ “

“As that all unfolded. You say, ‘Is there a penalty there?’ “

“Well, he’s not advancing his position. All-in-all, I just give Brad a lot of credit. No, there’s no penalty there.”

“He was completely away from the incident. We had safety vehicles cleaning up.”

“We looked at that as, no harm, no foul. And actually, commend Brad for being able to do that, to think on his feet to not make that situation any worse.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr comments

“Well, he was giving everybody a competitive advantage there by burning fuel, running in circles,” Dale Earnhardt Jr stated via Dirty Mo Media.

“He’s cranked his car up and he’s driving around in circles. If NASCAR had reacted in the moment and said, ‘He needs to go to the rear.’ I would have been fine with that.”

“I would have not had a problem if they had reacted in the moment and said, ‘We’re glad the fire is out. That was probably a good thing to do because you get to continue to race. But, you’re going to have to drop to the back.’ “

“I would have been fine with that. But, they didn’t react so all of the conversation afterwards or debat about it being world or this should happen, that should happen. I don’t care about it.”

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