Darlington Raceway loses lights in NASCAR playoff opener (Video)

NASCAR track lost lights in turns 3 and 4

NASCAR is currently racing in Darlington, South Carolina. Darlington Raceway is hosting the playoff opener.

Watch the video below.

As the sun went down in the 500-mile race, drivers noticed an issue. The infield lights that point toward the banking haven’t come on.

At Darlington, drivers race right against the outside wall, the closer the better. And, with only the outside track lights working in turns 3 and 4, the racing groove was in a shadow.

The tower asked crew chiefs to ask their drivers about the lack of lights in the corner. They were debating about throwing a caution to fix the issue.

Race leader Denny Hamlin wasn’t concerned about the lights. However, others were.

#8 team radio, “They’re missing lights down there in 3 and 4. Like, the bottom lights aren’t on.”

Kyle Busch added, “It’s been dark over there for awhile. Like the last 40-50 laps of so. They probably just haven’t come on yet. I’ve noticed it for awhile but I figured somebody would do something about it.”

NASCAR elected to throw a caution and try to resolve the issue. Cars rolled around under the yellow for several laps as they attempted to fix the issue.

NASCAR then began asking drivers if they thought it was ok to race without the lights.

NASCAR drivers comment on the lack of lighting

#4 team radio, “NASCAR’s wanting to know what you think about the lights?”

Kevin Harvick responded, “It’s so dark at the top, it’s hard to pick up that top seam. That last two feet against the wall, is tough.”

#5 team radio, “Like, not good. We can’t go back green, correct?”

Kyle Larson had a different view, “I mean, I’ve raced at dirt tracks that are just as dark. But, it is hard to see the wall.”

Cars rolled around under caution for about 10 laps as officials attempted to fix the issue. They have since thrown the red flag.

Update: After a brief delay, they have fixed the issue and dropped the green flag.

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