Kansas Race Results: September 8, 2023 (NASCAR Truck Series)

NASCAR race results from Kansas Speedway

NASCAR Truck Series drivers are on the grid in Kansas City, KS. Kansas Speedway is set to host the final race in the Round of 10 for the NASCAR playoffs. Two drivers will be eliminated from the playoffs afters this race.

View Kansas Speedway results for the NASCAR Truck Series below.

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Chase Purdy and Nick Sanchez set the front row. 134 laps of truck racing are up next…

Kansas Trucks
Stage 1 – Report

Laps: 30 (1-30 / 134)

Green flag, Rhodes shoves Sanchez to the lead as they roll into turn one.

Lap 15, Bayley Currey spins off turn two, caution.

Green, Purdy shoves Sanchez clear into turn one. They form three wide for 2nd, Purdy and Rhodes rub doors off turn two. Ben Rhodes takes 2nd away into turn three.

Lap 27, Kaden Honeycutt spins in turn four, caution.

Nick Sanchez wins stage one as it finishes under yellow at Kansas Speedway!

Kansas Results (Stage 1) : 1. Nick Sanchez; 2. Chase Purdy; 3. Ben Rhodes; 4. Corey Heim; 5. Christian Eckes; 6. Zane Smith; 7. Jake Drew; 8. Grant Enfinger; 9. Carson Hocevar; 10. Ty Majeski;

Kansas Trucks
Stage 2 – Report

Laps: 30 (31-60 / 134)

Enfinger stays out as the rest of the field heads for the pit lane. Slow stop for Ty Majeski.

Green flag on stage two, Enfinger clears Enfinger into turn one. Ben Rhodes dives inside in turn three and returns to 2nd.

Lap 37, Rhodes works to the right rear of Sanchez off turn two. They run side by side for the lead. As they trade side drafts, Sanchez holds him off. Hocevar takes 2nd away.

Lap 39, Chase Purdy heads to the pit lane under green with a loose wheel.

Lap 49, Hocevar has a run on Sanchez into turn one. He dives inside and takes the lead away off turn two.

Carson Hocevar wins stage two at Kansas Speedway!

Kansas Results (Stage 2) : 1. Carson Hocevar; 2. Nick Sanchez; 3. Corey Heim; 4. Zane Smith; 5. Grant Enfinger; 6. Christian Eckes; 7. Ben Rhodes; 8. Rajah Caruth; 9. Matt DiBenedetto; 10. Taylor Gray;

Kansas Trucks
Stage 3 – Report

Laps: 74 (61-134 / 134)

Hocevar leads the field to the pit entry. Heim wins the race to the pit exit.

Green flag on stage three, Hocevar and Zane Smith look under Heim into turn one. Three wide for the lead, Heim holds the spot off turn two.

Lap 70, Crafton brushes the wall off turn two, no caution. He slows and heads to the pit lane.

Lap 73, Ben Rhodes is slow with an issue.

Heim is all over Hocevar in the battle for the lead. He looks outside but Hocevar shuts the door. Heim brushes the outside wall as he runs out of room.

39 to go

39 to go, Heim head to the pit lane under green. The final cycle is underway.

38 to go, Hocevar pits from the race lead. Majeski stalls leaving his pit stall.

27 to go, Heim cycles to the race lead. Hocevar trails by 1.8 seconds.

17 to go, Mason Maggio slows with an issue, caution.

Green with 8 to go, Heim leads with a push from Zane Smith into turn one. Smith looks to the outside of Heim. Heim tries to block but Smith is there. Heim holds him off into turn three.

Jesse Love gets sideways off turn four. Rajah Caruth spins as he checks up and gets turned, caution.

Green with 2 to go, Heim and Smith run side by side into turn one and off turn two. Eckes heads for the top lane into turn three. Three wide for the lead off turn four.

1 to go, They all rub doors into turn one. Eckes crosses under both of them off turn two. Eckes slides them for the lead into turn three. Zane Smith gets loose and brushes the wall.

Christian Eckes takes the win at Kansas Speedway!

Kansas Speedway
Race Results
September 8, 2023
NASCAR Truck Series

Pos | Driver

1. Christian Eckes

2. Taylor Gray

3. Matt DiBenedetto

4. Corey Heim

5. Zane Smith

6. Carson Hocevar

7. Stewart Friesen

8. Nick Sanchez

9. Jesse Love

10. Tyler Ankrum

11. Jake Drew

12. Jake Garcia

13. Rajah Caruth

14. Chase Purdy

15. Dean Thompson

16. Jack Wood

17. Grant Enfinger

18. Ty Majeski

19. Colby Howard

20. Bret Holmes

21. Bayley Currey

22. Lawless Alan

23. Daniel Dye

24. Timmy Hill

25. Ben Rhodes

26. Tanner Gray

27. Kaden Honeycutt

28. Chase Janes

29. Justin Carroll

30. Hailie Deegan

31. Spencer Boyd

32. Greg Van Alst

33. Matt Crafton

34. Jennifer Jo Cobb

35. Mason Maggio

36. Spencer Davis

NASCAR Truck Series
Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Wins

1. Christian Eckes
1 Win

2. Grant Enfinger
1 Win

3. Ty Majeski
1 Win

4. Corey Heim
Locked In

5. Carson Hocevar
Locked In

6. Zane Smith

7. Nick Sanchez

8. Ben Rhodes

— Round of 8 Cutline —

9. Matt DiBenedetto

10. Matt Crafton

Kansas Speedway
Video Highlights
September 8, 2023



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