Fastest NASCAR pit stop in history; New record set (Video)

A new record was set at Kansas Speedway by Chase Briscoe and Stewart-Haas Racing

For the sake of book keeping, records are based on four-tire pit stops. In recent years, NASCAR has made adjustments that have sped up pit stop evolution.

Watch the video of the fastest NASCAR pit stop in history below.

Previously, cars were fitted with a traditional five-lug pattern. Since the Next-Gen car, the machines only have a single (mono-lug) lug nut per wheel.

Since the release of the Next Gen car in 2022, the record for a four-tire pit stop has been broken.

A little over a month ago, Joe Gibbs Racing set a new record for the fastest pit stop in NASCAR history. The record was set at Richmond Raceway with a time of 9.764 seconds on July 30, 2023.

Now, the record has been broken once again. This time, it was smashed.

Chase Briscoe’s No. 14 team completed a four tire pit stop at 8.45 seconds. That’s a new record by a masterclass over the wall crew.

Stewart-Haas Racing stated, “Tough team breaking records on pit road. The No. 14 pit crew had the fastest pit stop in NASCAR history at Kansas – 8.45 seconds.”

Briscoe commented on the news, “Heck yeah!”

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