North Wilkesboro Speedway set for repave; Not all are in favor

NASCAR returns to North Wilkesboro Speedway in 2024; Track set to be repaved following an additional $4 million from the state

In 2021, the state of North Carolina allowed for an $18 million allocation from federal American Rescue Plan funds to help rebuild North Wilkesboro Speedway and bring NASCAR back to the dormant track. A massive rebuild went underway and the track hosted the NASCAR All-Star race in 2023.

Previous track upgrades: Infield paving; new pit road and outside retaining walls; new wheel fencing and SAFER barrier; suite, hospitality, media center, bathroom and driver’s lounge upgrades; plus new LED track lighting, sound system and internet.

For 2024, the North Carolina General Assembly approved a $4 million economic grant in the 2024 budget. More upgrades are on the way. Ahead of the race in 2024, the track will be repaved. It marks the first repave since 1981.

North Wilkesboro Speedway will again host the NASCAR All-Star race in 2024.

Marcus Smith comments

“We are very grateful that NASCAR and FOX Sports have supported our efforts to bring the NASCAR All-Star Race back to North Wilkesboro in 2024,” said Speedway Motorsports President and CEO Marcus Smith.

“While NASCAR’s current 75th anniversary season still has some memorable moments to come, it’s hard to imagine a more magical moment than what we witnessed with NASCAR’s return to North Wilkesboro Speedway this past May. The success of the 2023 All-Star Race with fans coming from all 50 states and seven foreign countries would not have been possible without the support of the NASCAR industry, our state legislature, Gov. Roy Cooper and the Wilkes County community.”

“We’re thankful to have the opportunity to bring back an international spotlight for the second consecutive year to North Wilkesboro and the great state of North Carolina.”

Ben Kennedy comments

“As part of NASCAR’s 75th anniversary, the return to racing at North Wilkesboro Speedway was one of the indelible moments of the 2023 season,” said Ben Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Racing Development and Strategy.

He added, “We look forward to bringing the NASCAR All-Star Race with the NASCAR Cup Series, along with the NASCAR CRAFTSMAN Truck Series, back to North Wilkesboro next season to create new generational memories at this historic venue.”

Not everyone is in favor of a repave…

NASCAR driver Kaden Honeycutt commented on the repave, “Well there goes the skill it took to drive around this place. So unfortunate man.”

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