NASCAR crew member struck during Talladega pit stop (Video)

Watch the scary video from Talladega Superspeedway below

The NASCAR Truck Series race is currently underway at Talladega Superspeedway. The Alabama track is hosting the second race in the Round of 8.

Watch the NASCAR crew member get hit at Talladega below.

At the end of stage one, trucks hit the pit lane for a standard pit stop. When Zane Smith jumped on the brakes to enter his stall, the No. 38 truck jumped sideways.

Smith slid sideways through his own pit stall. His crew member, Charles Plank was in the path of the truck while he carried two heavy tires.

The crew member dropped the tires just before impact, he then attempted to jump on top of the truck.

The body of the crew member damaged the race truck. The crew called Smith back to the pit lane to repair right rear damage.

Smith was able to get back on track. He met minimum speed however the team has taken the truck back behind the wall for more repairs. He’ll be able to return since he met minimum speed.

Zane Smith asked on the radio, “Is he alright?”

The team added, “He’s good.”

Smith explained, “I touched the brake pedal through [turns} 3&4 and it was normal. I went to it here and it was just soft. It was still engaged, just soft.”

Front Row Motorsports posted on X, “Our tire carrier, Charles Plank, is ok after making contact with Zane Smith on pit road.”

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Crew member comments

“I thought I could clear it and I didn’t,” crew member Charles Plank told Fox Sports.

“It looks like I almost cleared it, jumping over. I’m glad I made it on the decklid, instead of getting underneath it.”

“We’re ready. We’re ready for the next stop.”

“I’m great to go,” he concluded.

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Zane Smith strikes crew member at Talladega Superspeedway


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