NASCAR Penalty Report: Corey Heim penalized after Phoenix

Corey Heim issued a penalty after wrecking Carson Hocevar at Phoenix Raceway

Last weekend, NASCAR hosted their championship events at Phoenix Raceway. Friday’s NASCAR Truck Series finale ended in drama.

View the NASCAR penalty report from Phoenix Raceway below.

Carson Hocevar spun Corey Heim as the two drivers battled for the championship. Hocevar was able to continue but he spun the tires and fell backwards in a hurry on the restart.

Toward the end of the race, Heim waited for Hocevar to catch him. As Hocevar went to the outside of Heim, Heim turned right and put him into the wall.

“That’s fair,” Hocevar said over the radio after Heim retaliated on him.

After the race, Heim attempted to say the incident was an accident. “He wrecked me and I got me right rear destroyed. From there, I had no sideforce. He put it on my door off two and I lost control. So, just really gotta hold our head high for a great year.”

NASCAR didn’t buy it and they’ve issued a penalty to Heim.

Carson Hocevar vs Corey Heim at Phoenix Raceway (Video)

Phoenix Raceway
Penalty Report
NASCAR Truck Series

Driver/Team: Corey Heim No. 11

Infraction Date: November 3, 2023

Penalty Level: Behavioral

Infraction: (Sections 4.4.B & D): NASCAR Member Code
of Conduct

Penalty: Driver (Corey Heim) has been fined $12,500 and assessed with the loss of 25 driver points.


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