Ford Performance Boss Expects a Carl Edwards Return to NASCAR

Carl Edwards retirement still doesn’t make sense – Unless he’s coming back on a different team

Then, it makes a slight bit of sense. That’s exactly the rumor. It’s possible that Carl Edwards is being paid to sit out his contract before a return to a different team.

The list of possible scenario’s are endless. Is he waiting for a Team Penske Ford? It’s expected that Team Penske will run a 3rd car in 2018. That’s the most common rumor for a Carl Edward return. But his next career move forms a long list of possibilities, a political career was even on the table.

In 2016, Carl Edwards left the sport after Homestead-Miami Speedway. It wasn’t a planned exit, there was no retirement tour. He just crashed while fighting for the lead, then abruptly left the sport.

Carl Edwards to Team Penske
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Dave Pericak from Ford Performance expects it to be short retirement by Carl Edwards.

Speaking to he talked about Carl Edwards, “I don’t know what Carl’s future looks like,” Pericak said.

He continued, “We’ve had no conversations about that at all. I can tell you that, honestly. I personally believe that Carl’s coming back. That’s just a Dave Pericak thought, but I have no idea what’s going on with him. No conversations, but you’ll see Carl Edwards in the sport again. That’s my two-cents worth.”

In January, Carl Edwards made an abrupt exit from his #19 ride with Joe Gibbs Racing. It was surprise exit to the NASCAR community as well as the team.

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Months later, the Carl Edwards retirement from NASCAR still doesn’t make sense. He’s given a few explanations himself. However, none of them make much sense or feature much depth of reasoning. That leads me to believe we’re being tricked and he has full intentions on a NASCAR return.

Carl Edwards was signed to drive for Joe Gibbs Racing in 2014. He sat behind the cockpit of his new ride in 2016. That lasted two years, before he asked Joe Gibbs if he could cancel the contract.

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If Carl Edwards came back to NASCAR with Team Penske, that would place him behind the wheel of a blue oval again. Ford Performance boss Dave Pericak commented, “In that press conference, I thought he said that if he comes back, he was going right back to see Mr. Gibbs? Listen, who wouldn’t want a championship-caliber driver such as Carl Edwards in their camp? But I don’t think that’s his intention. I think his intention is to go back to Joe Gibbs Racing.”

In his final season, Carl Edwards was fighting for a championship. He made it to the Championship 4 event at Homestead-Miami Speedway. The crash canceled his championship hopes. He has never won a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series title, despite being tied for 41st on the all time win list with 18 victories.

Author: Shane Walters



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