Pocono Raceway Results – NASCAR Xfinity Series – June 10, 2017

Pocono NXS results from June 10th, 2017

Today, NASCAR heads to the Pocono’s. Buried off in the woods, it’s the tricky triangle of Pocono Raceway located in Long Pond, PA.

The first two rows, all rookies. These drivers are going to endure 100 laps around this triangle race track. Stage 1 is 25 laps, stage 2 is also 25 laps. The final stage is 50 laps.

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Pocono Xfinity Raceway Results - NASCAR Xfinity Series - June 10, 2017
LONG POND, PA – JUNE 10: Kyle Benjamin, driver of the #20 Hisense Toyota, leads the field to the green flag to start the NASCAR XFINITY Series Pocono Green 250 at Pocono Raceway on June 10, 2017 in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Green flag. Kyle Banjamin gets the jump, he chooses the outside and makes it work. Justin Allgaier settles in behind him.

Lap 15, the pace of the race begins to slow down. As this happens, 3rd gear becomes on option. Most of these teams have been running in 4th gear, all weekend, thus far. Down shifting isn’t a regular thing in oval racing, it’s tricky. A lot of things can go wrong, especially when you haven’t tried it all weekend. Inside the race, is the last place you’d want to try it for the first time.

6 to go in stage 1, Kyle Benjamin has led every lap thus far. He’s now being chased by the MENCS regulars. Brad Keselowski and Kyle Larson run 2nd and 3rd. Paul Menard runs 4th, he started 9th.

Cole Custer is on pitroad. This is a gamble. He’s forfeiting any points in stage 1, positioning himself for stage 2. This track is 2.5 miles long, as long as he’s within 10-13 seconds of the leader he will remain on the lead lap. He will likely begin stage 2, from the lead on tires that are just 3 laps older than the rest of the field. This plan could backfire, he could get trapped a lap down.

It’s the NASCAR Xfinity rookie to show the NASCAR Cup Series stars how to run the triangle. 2 to go, oh no. Benjamin slips on the exit of turn 1, these straight aways go on forever. He’s going to sacrifice speed the entire length. Brad Keselowski drafts him, gets a toe and pulls right around him.

Brad Keselowski is going to steal the stage 1 win.

Stage 1 Results: 1. Brad Keselowski; 2. Kyle Benjamin; 3. Kyle Larson; 4. Paul Menard; 5. Daniel Suarez; 6. Justin Allgaier; 7. William Byron; 8. Daniel Hemric; 9. Ty Dillon; 10. Brennon Poole;

Kyle Benjamin makes his first pit stop at Pocono Raceway. It’s flawless, he will start stage 2 from 2nd, behind Cole Custer.

Clint Bowyer speaks to Kyle Benjamin. Radio, “I’m working on logging laps and getting some experience. I’m pretty confident we can win this race today.”

Stage 2, Green flag. As predicted, Cole Custer leads the field to the green flag. Kyle Benjamin gets a horrible jump, they fan out 4 wide behind him. Brad Keselowski drives to the inside of Benjamin. The rookie is 3 wide and in the middle. Meanwhile, Cole Custer has cleared them all. His gamble is paying off so far.

Justin Allgaier thinks he’s going to be in trouble in the coming laps. #7 radio, “All these guys in front of me are all regulars. And I’m already tight.”

13 to go, Brad Keselowski is all over Cole Custer. A downshift in turn 2, Brad Keselowski runs lower than Custer. That pushes the air on the spoiler of Cole Custer. He’s around. Brad Keselowski takes the lead.

10 to go, Kyle Benjamin is the next one to attack Cole Custer. Kyle Benjamin is fast, but he’s so fast that he hasn’t had to pass anyone all day. Everything is a learning process for him. He’s never passed anyone at Pocono.

Kyle Benjamin runs a diamond in turn 3. He pulls along side Cole Custer down the front straight. Then drives it all the way to the inside pit wall. Big gap between them, but he drives on by. He’s up to 2nd. 8 to go.

Who’s going to gamble on pitroad. We’ve already seen it work for Cole Custer. Who mirrors the idea? Brandon Jones, Daniel Suarez, Ty Dillon, Paul Menard and a few more. A lot. The stage 2 winner will restart outisde the top 5.

Final lap for Brad Keselowski. It’s a sweep so far, Keselowski takes the Team Penske machine to a stage 1 and now a stage 2 win.

As Keselowski crosses the line, there’s a car in the wall. Paul Menard has parked out of turn 1. He’s one of the cars that just pitted. He got loose, looped it and slammed into the inside wall.

Brad Keselowski wins at Pocono Raceway - NASCAR Xfinity Series
LONG POND, PA – JUNE 10: Brad Keselowski, driver of the #22 SKF Ford, leads a pack of cars during the NASCAR XFINITY Series Pocono Green 250 at Pocono Raceway on June 10, 2017 in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)

Stage 2 Results: 1. Brad Keselowski; 2, Kyle Benjamin; 3. Cole Custer; 4. Kyle Larson; 5. Justin Allgaier; 6. Brennon Poole; 7. Darrell Wallace Jr; 8. Ryan Reed; 9. Matt Tifft; 10. Brendon Gaughan;

Clint Bowyer wants to know how you get around the #22. Kyle Larson radio, “I don’t know. He’s pretty fast. He and the #20.”

Darrell Wallace Jr too fast coming off pit road. Only 50 laps remain in this race. Ty Dillon and Ross Chastain just came in a topped off, maybe they are thinking about trying to make it to the end. Meanwhile, Kyle Benjamin and Brad Keselowski remain on the racetrack.

Green flag, final stage. Brad Keselowski and Kyle Benjamin lead them to green. Benjamin gets another slow restart. He gets a push from Kyle Larson and they fan out 4-5 wide behind them. Benjamin is pushed to the lead.

39 to go, Brad Keselowski works around Kyle Benjamin yet again. New leader. He passed him the same way he’s passed everyone all day. Running lower than anyone in turn 2, a downshift and he pulls along side down the back straight.

38 to go, Darrell Wallace Jr is on pit road. Cole Custer, fuel only. A bunch of cars are in the pits.

37 to go, the leader is in the pits. Kyle Benjamin is reinstated the leader.

35 to go, Kyle Benjamin is heading to the pits. Daniel Suarez inherits the lead. The following lap, he’s in as well, passing the lead to Justin Allgaier.

Brendon Gaughan is running 2nd. He’s trying to stretch it to the end. He last pitted at the conclusion of stage 2. It’s passed the edge of the fuel window. He’s praying for a caution, or he may run out. 28 cars remain on the lead lap. Justin Allgaier is also attempting the ‘stay out’ strategy.

23 to go, Brad Keselowski runs 13th and Kyle Benjamin runs 17th.

Caution. The #33 is heavy into the wall. He’s also stuck in the grass. He blew a left rear tire at the end of the front straight away. Ka-boom and it turned him directly into the outside wall.

This is exactly what Justin Allguier and Brendan Gaughan were just handed a gift. They might have had tire issues as well if the run continued. Aside from that, the gamble, worked. The entire field hits pitroad. 2 tires for Cole Custer.

Green flag. Cole Custer gets a bad jump. Elliott Sadler is all over the bumper of Brad Keselowski, he pushed him to the lead. But he keeps pushing! It’s a bump and run, on a 2.5 mile racetrack. Elliott Sadler to the lead!

Brad Keselowski is stuck on the outside. He’s having all kinds of problems. He’s nearly into the outside wall, running out of racetrack. Keselowski falls back to about 15th.

14 to go, Keselowski is all fired up. He squeezes through the middle of Gaughan and Benjamin. Gaughan tried to close the hole down the front straight. In fact, he did close the hole. Brad Keselowski bounces off both of them as the gap between them disappears. Keselowski never lifted. A big dent in 4 doors, they all continue.

12 to go, Elliott Sadler has been a non-factor all day. Suddenly, he might win this race. But Kyle Larson is coming quick. He’s around Elliott Sadler.

9 to go, Elliott Sadler is falling. Justin Allgaier is around Sadler for 3rd. Keselowski is as well, he’s back to 4th.

6 to go, collectively Brad Keselowski and Justin Allgaier are running down Kyle Larson. They are both going to get there.

4 to go, Allgaier is loose, big slide in turn 1. Brad Keslowski is under him and around, back to 2nd.

2 to go, any of these 3 drivers can win it. It’s a great race.

1 to go, all 3 run nose to tail in turn 1. Keselowski backs up the corner, downshifts, he hasn’t down that in turn 1 all day. He comes off the corner with a bunch of speed! Keselowski pulls alongside Larson. Larson runs him all the way to the apron down the back straight. Meanwhile, Justin Allguier pulls to his outside.

3 wide for the lead! Brad Keselowski is going to take the lead by turn 2. Larson holds onto 2nd. Larson gets a bad entry to turn 2. Allguier pulls alongside on the exit.

But it’s all Brad Keselowski! He wins the NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Pocono Raceway!

Ryan Blaney Victory Lane Interview - Fox Sports All Driver Cast
LONG POND, PA – JUNE 10: Ryan Blaney interviews Brad Keselowski in Victory Lane after winning the NASCAR XFINITY Series Pocono Green 250 at Pocono Raceway on June 10, 2017 in Long Pond, Pennsylvania. Blaney and other MENCS drivers assisted Fox Sports with the broadcast. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

Keselowski climbs from his car in victory lane. Ryan Blaney conducts the interview with today’s winner. Keselowski, “It’s a little surreal, I’m talking to Ryan Blaney, in victory lane. Crazy, blowin’ my mind.”

Talking about the bump, “Yeah, we were leading, or 2nd. Elliott gave me a good push to clear the #00 but he carried it all the way to turn 1. I got down there and my rear tires were off the ground, I’m going straight. I tried not to back it into the wall.”

“From there, I don’t ever give up, you know. We were, it felt like 30th. I drove by a bunch of cars, I pushed as hard as I could. On the last lap, I got right to his bumper and got him loose. He was trying to do the side draft thing down the back stretch, all the way down to the apron. That had to look really cool, I can’t wait to see the replay on Fox Hell of a race.”

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Author: Shane Walters

Pocono Final Laps Video
NASCAR Xfinity Series
June 10th, 2017

Pocono Results
NASCAR Xfinity Series
June 10th, 2017

1. Brad Keselowski
2. Justin Allgaier
3. Kyle Larson
4. Elliott Sadler
5. Daniel Suarez
6. Brendan Gaughan
7. Cole Custer
8. Ty Dillon
9. Daniel Hemric
10. Matt Tifft
11. Darrell Wallace Jr
12. William Byron
13. Michael Annett
14. Ryan Reed
15. Brennan Poole
16. Kyle Benjamin
17. Jeremy Clements
18. Spencer Gallagher
19. JJ Yaley
20. Dakoda Armstrong
21. Casey Mears
22. Dylan Lupton
23. Ryan Sieg
24. Ross Chastain
25. David Starr
26. BJ McLeod
27. Blake Koch
28. Josh Williams
29. Tommy Joe Martins
30. Timmy Hill
31. Paul Menard
32. Joey Gase
33. Spencer Boyd
34. Mike Harmon
35. Garrett Smithley
36. Brandon Jones
37. Harrison Rhodes
38. Morgan Shepherd
39. Carl Long
40. Jeff Green


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