Ricky Craven comments on Toyota dominance

Ricky Craven: “There’s no way one car can be two or 3 tenths faster. But they are.”

Denny Hamlin has stated that the advantage the Toyota’s had, is gone. That statement would appear to be a stark contrast from the recent NASCAR results sheet.

10 of the last 13 NASCAR races have been won by a Toyota. The last 4 races, have all been a Toyota victory.

Ricky Craven

“Well, Denny’s playing poker,” Ricky Craven told Dave Moody via Sirius XM Speedway.

“I mean he’s pretty good, I guess. I never played poker against him. But, no, I’m not buying it.”

Ricky Craven talks Toyota speed
Ricky Craven stands next to Tide throwback car, driven by Matt Kenseth

“The Toyota’s are the team to beat. The reason I think the Toyota’s are the cream of the crop is because I think, they collaborate better than the other manufactures. That’s just a fact.”

Hendrick should be the Yankee’s.

-Ricky Craven

“Hendrick should be the Yankee’s. They have been forever. But, they’re not the fastest Chevrolet’s. The fastest Chevrolet’s are at Chip Ganassi Racing. I don’t think the Chevrolet group collaborates the way the Toyota teams do.”

“Toyota is a very, very small group. You’re talking about six cars in two teams. They’re very, very closely aligned. I mean, people really need to consider that. They have a half dozen teams, all under one umbrella.”

Ricky Craven on Martin Truex Jr
CHARLOTTE, NC – OCTOBER 08: Martin Truex Jr, driver of the #78 Auto-Owners Insurance Toyota, celebrates in Victory Lane after winning the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Bank of America 500 at Charlotte Motor Speedway on October 8, 2017 in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Photo by Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images)

The Toyota advantage

“I’ve had a butt load of crew chiefs, in the last month… I’m talking championship crew chiefs. They tell me, ‘You cannot have a two or three tenth advantage on the field.’ With the circumstances that they operate under, with the templates, the rules and the laser inspection.”

There’s no way one car can be two or 3 tenths faster.

-Ricky Craven

“There’s no way one car can be two or 3 tenths faster. But they are. You go back to Chicago. Kyle and Martin were just ridiculously fast.”

“They’re doing it. Listen, we can spend a long time speculating. So how does it happen? Well, as long as we have competitive teams with human being’s operating those teams, they’re gunna find ways to create speed.

“Really, shouldn’t it be that way?,” Craven concluded.

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Ricky Craven
Ricky Craven

Ricky Craven

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