2017 Race of Champions Results – Gateway Dirt Nationals

Race of Champions results from the Gateway Dirt Nationals on December 14th, 2017

Tonight, twelve dirt late model drivers will take to the floor at The Dome in St. Louis. This is a live play by play race report of tonights action.

View the 2017 Race of Champions race results below.

The Race of Champions is a new addition to the Gateway Dirt Nationals format. It features a 20 lap shootout on the 1/5 mile bullring.

The starting lineup is set by draw. Following group qualifying, the twelve Race of Champions drivers were sent to the infield to draw for their position in tonights main event.

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2017 Race of Champions Drivers

Scott Bloomquist (2016 Gateway Dirt Nationals Winner)
Dennis Erb Jr (2016 Dirt Late Model Dream Winner)
Jonathan Davenport (2017 World 100 Winner)
Don O’Neal (2014 Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series Champion)
Brandon Sheppard (2017 World of Outlaws Late Model Champion)
Bobby Pierce (2017 UMP Summernationals Champion)
Rusty Schlenk (2017 UMP National Champion)
Darrell Lanigan (2013 Knoxville Nationals Winner)
Billy Moyer (1996 DTWC Winner)
Shannon Babb (2016 Gateway Dirt Prelim Winner)
Justin Kay (2017 IMCA National Champion)

Hot Laps

The track is already running a little differently in comparison to last year. The groove was pushed up a bit in hot laps. Is was about 50/50 for drivers running the top or the bottom.

2017 Race of Champions
Starting Lineup

1. Don O’Neal
2. Billy Moyer
3. Shannon Babb
4. Darrell Lanigan
5. Dennis Erb Jr
6. Justin Kay
7. Bobby Pierce
8. Scott Bloomquist
9. Rusty Schlenk
10. Jonathan Davenport
11. Brandon Sheppard

Race of Champions
December 14th, 2017
Race Report

Just ahead of tonights main event, they are doing a little work on the track. The bottom lane turned a little black. Track workers are spending time at the top part of the race track. A little water and a little packing.

We’re going green. 20 laps around this 1/5 mile bullring. Don O’Neal and Billy Moyer will lead the field into turn 1.

Green flag, Shannon Babb wins the race into turn 1. Billy Moyer is inches from his rear bumper.

Billy Moyer in the 2017 Race of Champions 3472
Billy Moyer in the 2017 Race of Champions

Most cars are running the bottom. Their dipping their left front onto the concrete in the corners. This year, there’s a drop off from dirt to concrete.

Scott Bloomquist and Bobby Pierce are the only ones attempting to make the top groove work. Bloomquist is trying to get the power down and move around Dennis Erb Jr.

Bloomquist spins at the Gateway Dirt Nationals 3483
Bloomquist spins at the Gateway Dirt Nationals

Bloomquist spins! He looped it off turn 4. No contact, he just got on the gas, trying to move even with Erb. Bloomquist spun to the inside tire barrier. He re-fires but pulls off.

Shannon Babb leads in the 2017 Race of Champions at the Gateway Dirt Nationals 3485
Shannon Babb leads in the 2017 Race of Champions at the Gateway Dirt Nationals

Green flag, Shannon Babb holds the lead in turn 1. But, the race is on for 2nd. Don O’Neal and Billy Moyer Jr run side by side through turns 1 and 2. They do it again in 3 and 4.

2017 Race of Champions at the Gateway Dirt Nationals 3488
2017 Race of Champions at the Gateway Dirt Nationals

Don O’Neal completes the pass on the highside in turn 3.

Don O’Neal sets his sights on Shannon Babb. He’s quicker but he can’t find a lane. As Shannon Babb hits the brakes and dives to the bottom, O’Neal has to lift and wait for him to turn. As soon as he does, O’Neal is on the gas, at the entry.

Babb has knocked off the right side of the rear spoiler. He used a little too much race track on the exit of the corner.

Don O’Neal slips, Moyer pulls to the inside but can’t complete the pass. 1 to go and Shannon Babb has opened up a 5 car length lead after O’Neal’s mistake.

Shannon Babb at the Gateway Dirt Nationals 3510
Shannon Babb at the Gateway Dirt Nationals

Shannon Babb wins the 2017 Race of Champions at the Gateway Dirt Nationals in St. Louis.

Babb will be rewarded with a check for $5,000.

Race of Champions
December 14th, 2017
Race Results

1. Shannon Babb
2. Don O’Neal
3. Billy Moyer
4. Darrell Lanigan
5. Rusty Schlenk
6. Bobby Pierce
7. Jonathan Davenport
8. Brandon Sheppard
9. Dennis Erb Jr
10. Justin Kay
11. Scott Bloomquist

Qualifying Results
Group A

**This qualifying session is unrelated to the Race of Champions race**

1. Jason Welshan (11.477) 2. Billy Moyer; 3. Bob Gardner; 4. David Breazeale; 5. Austin Theiss; 6. Rusty Schlenk; 7. Kip Hughes; 8. Scott Bloomquist; 9. Scott Ward; 10. Corey Ford; 11. Billy Moyer Jr; 12. Casey Montague; 13. Allen Weisser; 14. Shad Badder; 15. Timothy Culp; 16. Jonathan Davenport; 17. Austin Hubbard; 18. Bobby Pierce; 19. Hudson O’Neal; 20. Daryn Klein; 21. Brandon Sheppard; 22. Jeff Roth; 23. Clay Fisher; 24. Kolby Vandenbergh; 25. Joe Godsey; 26. Levi Ashby; 27. Luke Goedert; 28. Randy Timms; 29. Zach McMillan; 30. David Payne; 31. Brandon Pralle; 32. Jason Suhre; 33. Mike Schulte; 34. Billy Lambert; 35. Michael Kloos; 36. Paul Roider; 37. Freddie Carpenter; 38. Dewayne Kiefer; 39. John E Baker; 40. Greg Kimmons; 41. Chris Fetter; 42. Tim Manville; 43. Cole Swibold; 44. Cole Long; 45. Mike Hammerle; 46. Blake Martin; 47. Maria Hankins;

Qualifying Results
Group B

**This qualifying session is unrelated to the Race of Champions race**

1. Scott Bell (12.872); 2. Tim Dohm; 3. Derek Fetter; 4. Shannon Babb; 5. Tyler Millwood; 6. Chad Zobrist; 7. Mike Spatola; 8. Hunter Rasdon; 9. Russ King; 10. Dennis Erb Jr; 11. Kent Robinson; 12. Ferrel Skelton Jr; 13. Rich Bell; 14. Gordy Gundaker; 15. Robert Ardy; 16. Charlie Cole; 17. Myles Moos; 18. Brandon Tibaldi; 19. Brent Larson; 20. Matt Bailey; 21. Cody Holtkamp; 22. Jeff Herzog; 23. Dave Armstrong; 24. Kevin Weaver; 25. Darrell Lanigan; 26. Ryan Unzicker; 27. Robbie Stuart; 28. Justin Kay; 29. Scott Crigler; 30. Tyler Carpenter; 31. Jeremy Sneed; 32. Jason Schierkolk; 33. Jason Zobrist; 34. Caleb Ashby; 35. Kevin Hardage; 36. Tanner English; 37. Mark Shipman; 38. Jason Feger; 39. Donald Johns; 40. Don O’Neal; 41. Joey Coulter; 42. Oakley Johns; 43. Reno Markham; 44. Rob Toland; 45. Brian Mullins; 46. Benjamin Mott;


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