Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kyle Busch, Bruton Smith and Felix Sabates comment on Brian France

The NASCAR industry is looking to push through the blaze that the former CEO left behind

Bruton Smith: “I like Brian OK and it’s a rotten shame he did this, but people sometimes do things that they shouldn’t do.”

The now former NASCAR CEO Brian France was pulled over in Southampton, New York on Sunday night after he rolled through a stop sign. France was found to be intoxicated and given a DUI.

After blowing a .18 Mr. France was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated. In addition, he was also charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance due to five Oxycodone pills found in his possession.

The next day, Brian France removed himself from the position of NASCAR CEO. Jim France is set to lead NASCAR for the foreseeable future. Jim is the uncle to Brian and he previously led the company through 2003.

Here are the latest comments from the NASCAR industry on the week’s biggest story.

Kyle Busch

On Tuesday, former NASCAR champion driver Kyle Busch visited Darlington Raceway from a promotional event for the upcoming Throwback Weekend in South Carolina.

Busch commented on the news that NASCAR’s former CEO has indefinitely stepped aside. He’s looking to push through the cycle.

Kyle Busch has hopes that the latest news doesn’t “affect NASCAR in a negative way.”

“We’ve got to look to our sport’s future, what we can change and what we can do next,” Busch said. “Brian’s been our leader for a long time. Look forward now to the opportunity to have Jim France in there.”

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Bruton Smith

Bruton Smith one of the heaviest invested in the sport of NASCAR than anyone. Smith is the founder and CEO of Speedway Motorsports Inc. The $570-million dollar company employs around 800 people and operates eight active tracks on the current NASCAR schedule.

Smith is frustrated with the decisions made by the former head of NASCAR. Yet, he wants to the see the industry joins hands and push through the firestorm.

“At this point in time, NASCAR needs friends and people that will help,” Smith told the AP.

“I like Brian OK and it’s a rotten shame he did this, but people sometimes do things that they shouldn’t do. That being said, it’s a great sport and we go forward and we all should be very protective of it and be willing to lend a helping hand,” Smith concluded.

Kyle Larson at Bristol Motor Speedway
BRISTOL, TN – APRIL 24: Kyle Larson, driver of the #42 Credit One Bank Chevrolet, leads the field into turn one after the start of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Food City 500 at Bristol Motor Speedway on April 24, 2017 in Bristol, Tennessee. (Photo by Brian Lawdermilk/Getty Images)

Felix Sabates

In 1987, Felix Sabates purchased the R&D division of Hendrick Motorsports. Two years later, he made his debut in the sports as a team owner with Kyle Petty as his driver.

Today, Felix Sabates is currently a co-owner of Chip Ganassi Racing. Earlier this year, he was rumored to be making a bid for the Charlotte, North Carolina based Carolina Panthers NFL team. Sabates became the leader of a high-profile bidding group.

The bid eventually became too high and Sebates dropped out. However, before that happened Brian France was rumored to be one of the people attached to the Felix Sabates group. That’s a rumor that NASCAR denied.

Sabates defended Brian France to the AP on Tuesday. He stated that Brian France was, “the most loyal friend anyone can have.”

Dale Earnhardt Jr

Dale Earnhardt Jr recorded his podcast on Monday morning. Episode #228 was completed before the Brian France news broke.

Dale Jr returned to Dirty Mo Media on Tuesday morning. He attached an additional but brief segment to the front of the show addressing the recent storyline.

“Obviously, it’s disappointing news. No way around that,” Dale Earnhardt Jr stated via the weekly ‘Dale Jr Download’ podcast. “And I’m sure that Brian is disappointed in himself.”

“The one thing that I hope is that Brian gets in front of the people that he needs to get in front of. And gets the help and assistance that he needs to make sure that this is something that doesn’t happen again.”

“Regardless of his role in NASCAR going forward, it’s important that he’s healthy. And that he takes care of himself. I’m wishing that on him.”

“I’m very confident in the people that NASCAR has in the industry. I feel incredibly optimistic about being able to move forward … “We’ve dealt with difficulties in the past. We’ve dealt with loses. The sport has always continued and always thrived.”


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