Sophia Floersch, Formula driver launched over the catch fence; Driver suffers spinal fracture (Video)

The 17 year racing driver is stable following what’s probably the worst racing crash you’ve ever seen

Driver stable: Floersch tweeted shortly after horrific crash in the Macau Grand Prix on the Guia Circuit

17-year-old racing driver Sophia Floersch was involved in a horrific crash today. It happened in the FIA Formula 3 division during the Macau Grand Prix. The Guia Circuit is a 3.803-mile street circuit in the People’s Republic of China.

Watch the formula 3 crash video below. It was captured from multiple fans across multiple angles.

It’s probably the worst crash you’ve ever seen. Yet, somehow, the driver is somewhat ok.

The driver lost control heading into the corner. She then struck another competitor while she slid into corner entry. That impact launched her into the air. She went over the catch fence and collided with a temporary tower used by officials. That tower offered cushion to the impact, apposed to hitting one of the concrete buildings that surround the circuit.

The incident took place at 15:44 on September 18, 2018. Floersch was admitted into the emergency room of the Conde S. Januario General Hospital.

Upon admittance, the 17 year old was stable and conscious. The official statement from the FIA also noted the driver was not clear to return in the near future noting a spinal fracture injury.

Statements from the the engineers, the driver and the FIA were released:

HWA AG: “Our thoughts are with Sophia Floersch, We wish her all the best after her horrible F3 accident in Macao,” the HWA AG racing team stated via twitter shortly after the crash. “Get well soon!”

Sophia Floersch - Formula E racing driver
Sophia Floersch – Formula E racing driver

Sophia Floersch: “Just wanted to let everybody know that I am fine but will be going into Surgery tomorrow morning,” Sophia Floersch tweeted shortly after the crash.

“Thanks to the F1 and HWA AG who are taking great care of me. Thanks to everybody for the Supporting messages. Update soon,” the driver concluded.

Jean Todt – FIA President: “After the serious incident today in Macau, the FIA is mobilized to help those involved and analyze what happened.”

“We will monitor the situation and make the necessary conclusions. All my thoughts are with you Sophia Floersch & the others injured. I wish you all a safe recovery,” Todt concluded.

The race was red flagged for the crash. Dan Ticktum was the race leader at the time of the incident.

Three others were taken to the hospital along with Sophia Floersch. Sho Tsuboi was also admitted, that was the driver that Floersch crashed into at the apex of the corner.

Additionally, two photographers and a corner marshal were taken in for evaluation.

You can see several angles of the Formula 3 crash below.

Sophia Floersch crash video


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