Bad blood between Scott Bloomquist and Kyle Bronson comes to the surface in Georgia

Kyle Bronson calls the crew for Scott Bloomquist ‘whiny bitches’

To start 2018, Kyle Bronson made the switch from a Rocket Chassis to a Longhorn Chassis. In June, Kyle Bronson made another switch to a Sweet-Bloomquist chassis. Two new cars were put on order as Bronson began driving an old loaner car in the meantime.

By July 2018, Bronson had switched back to Rocket Chassis. That’s the back story between the two Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series regulars.

Scott Bloomquist, Kyle Bronson and Brandon Overton all went crate racing this weekend. The unsanctioned race at Swainsboro Raceway in Georgia paid $20,000 to the feature race winner.

The three national drivers ended up finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd in the show on the 3/10-mile oval. Brandon Overton took the win, Bronson was the runner-up and Bloomquist finished third.

Kyle Bronson on Scott Bloomquist and crew

“I wore my tires out getting there. When I got there, I didn’t have no tire,” Bronson said of the race from the podium.

“Brandon had nothing either. But, he was racing the race and he did a good job. Congratulations on him winning the race.”

“I’m sure glad it wasn’t that zero over there and those whiny ass bitches he’s got working for him,” Bronson concluded.

Kyle Bronson and Scott Bloomquist
Kyle Bronson and Scott Bloomquist

Scott Bloomquist

Bloomquist’s debut in a crate late model started with a bang. He took the pole by more than two tenths over the entire field. However, following the qualifying attempt it was discovered that a fan blade was not attached to the motor.

The lack of a fan blade is a violation of the crate engine rules. As a result, the quick time was disallowed. The #0 machine started in the tail of the heat race and drove to 4th, the final transfer spot.

After starting 15th in the main event, Bloomquist drove the car to a 3rd place run.

“We were running the top and real strong. For whatever reason, we’ll have to look into it but the engine got hot. We were getting up to 245,” Bloomquist said from the podium race interview.

“When I decided to go to the bottom, I could cool the engine off. Then, we finally got that caution and I got it cooled off. But, we already lost water. We just couldn’t push it.”

This was the first crate late model race for Scott Bloomquist. Will there be more crate late model races down the road?

“Yeah,” Bloomquist stated.

“Our mistake, they said you had to run a fan. We out qualified everybody by two tenths. We thought we were in good shape. But, had to fight an uphill battle for the rest of the weekend.”

“We know the fan wouldn’t make two tenths. But still, rules are rules. We were unaware of it. It’s our fault.”

“We’ll be back.”

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