2019 F1 entry fees are outrageous

Mercedes AMG could enter 38,706 dirt races for the same entry fee costs of just 21 Formula One races

Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series drivers will pay a $125 entry fee to enter a race that pays $20,000 to the winner.

Meanwhile, overseas they’re taking a drastically different approach. Expense in F1 is nothing new. Teams will spend money in all areas of development to chase thousandths of a second in performance.

But, beyond the expense of developing a one-of-two racing machine, staffing the team and shipping the equipment around the world there’s also a fee to enter the season. The fee is set on a per season basis.

The rates are not standard across all teams. Each teams pays a different rate to enter the championship based on the previous year’s performance.

First, there’s a base rate of $546,133. Then, every point earned in the constructors championship from the season prior adds $6553 to the total for the series champions. For the rest of the field, they pay $5459 per point earned.

So, when Mercedes waxes the field for the umpteenth year in a row, it’s costly. Mercedes will pay a fuck-ton-rate of $4,838,348 for their eligibility in the 2019 racing season.

Note: At that rate, they could enter 38,706 national series dirt races.

Mercedes AMG F1
Mercedes AMG F1

2019 F1 Entry Fees

Team | Points | Entry Fee

Mercedes: 655 points

Ferrari: 571 points

Red Bull Racing-TAG Heuer: 419 points

Renault: 122 points

Haas-Ferrari: 93 points

McLaren-Renault: 62 points

Racing Point Force India-Mercedes: 52 points

Sauber-Ferrari: 48 points

Scuderia Toro Rosso- Honda: 33 points

Williams-Mercedes: 7 points

Scuderia Ferrari F1
Scuderia Ferrari F1

F1 Payouts

The teams are paid based on the constructors points as well. A portion of the worldwide TV money goes toward the championship.

Teams are not paid based on race wins. Championship points are the only thing that brings a payout for the teams. Points are only awarded to 1st-10th. Anything outside of that, no points are awarded.

With a worldwide audience, the payouts are massive. In 2017, those payouts were $919 million which was a drop of $50 million from 2016. That prize money is divided among the teams based on their performance in the standings.


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