Tony Stewart punches nagging fan at dirt track (Video)

Persistent harassment of NASCAR champion leads to a punch in the face from Tony Stewart

On July 26, Tony Stewart unloaded his 410 sprint car for a night at the dirt track. The Jackson Motorplex in Jackson, MN hosted ‘Tony Stewart Night’.

Watch the Tony Stewart punch video below.

The All-Star Circuit of Champions were on hand, a series owned by Stewart himself. The field of winger sprint car drivers were set to race for $10,000 to win.

Throughout the night, the NASCAR champion turned sprint car driver caught words from a vocal fan in the grandstands.

Stewart was 4th quickest overall following his qualifying round. He finished 6th in heat three. The heat race results placed Stewart in the B Feature, which he won.

However, Stewart was credited with last place in the main event. He lost an engine.

Tony Stewart in the Texas Motor Speedway media center
Tony Stewart in the Texas Motor Speedway media center

Tony Stewart altercation

After the race, Stewart hung out in the pit area to sign autographs for the racing fans. A girl sat hunched over with a flag over her back as Tony bent down to sign it.

As that was happening, a harassing fan continued to comment at the dirt sprint car team owner. Fans pushed the fan back and told him to leave.

The man was persistent. He was telling Tony to let the little guys race. He stated that Tony had more money than he could earn in a lifetime.

Stewart addressed him with a middle finger and told him to, “fuck off.”

The crowd of fans cheered as Stewart responded to the heckler. “Yeah Tony,” they said.

But, the heckler wasn’t done. “Hey Tony! I got two of them,” the man yelled, referring to engines.

Tony then bolted through a crowd of fans as the man retreated. Stewart chased him around the back up a truck. They met on the other side of the truck were Stewart immediately stuck him in the head.

The heckling stopped. Fans screamed in approval, “Yeah, fuck you bitch.”

After the altercation, the the three-time NASCAR Cup Series champion stuck around to hang with the fans a bit more. He iced his hand and went back to signing autographs for the girl that nearly missed out on the opportunity.

On Sunday night, Stewart drove to victory at 34 Raceway. He was credited with the $26,000 win.

Tony Stewart punches fan at dirt track

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