BC39 Results: September 5, 2019 (Indianapolis Dirt Track)

BC39 race results from the final night of the USAC National Midget show

USAC Dirt Midgets have unloaded in Indianapolis, Indiana. It’s the final night on the 1/4-mile of the Indianapolis Dirt Track.

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Last night was a thriller. Only one car finished the Pursuit race and was declared the race winner. Tonight, the USAC Dirt Midget race week concludes at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A dirt race in honor of fallen racer Bryan Clauson.

Race Report

Laps: 39

Christopher Bell will tag onto the rear of the field with the B Main victory.

Thomas Meseraull and Spencer Bayston set the front row for the main event. 26 cars are set for the main event.

They line up in a four wide salute for the Indiana dirt racing fans! The start is up next…

Green flag, Thomas Meseraull works to the lead early.

Lap 2, the caution is out with a spin off turn four.

Green, Meseraull heads for the bottom as Kevin Thomas Jr knocks the cushion.

Lap 15, Meseraull leads Zeb Wise by .7-seconds. Wise is closing as both run the cushion.

Lap 18, Wise is on the bumper of the leader! Tucker Klaasmeyer hangs a rut and several cars tangle in turn three. The red is out as Jerry Coons Jr is upside down but alright.

Green, Meseraull heads to the bottom. Wise heads to the top. Wise has a run off turn two but the caution is out for a spin back before the flag stand.

Green, Meseraull leads into turn one. Wise has a run off turn two. He heads to the bottom in turn three and slides him for the race lead. Larson follows him through to take 2nd. Larson started this race in 12th!

Spin and the caution is back out.

Green, Wise leads Larson by 10 car lengths with a great jump into turn one.

Lap 22, Larson has run down Wise. They both run the cushion.

Lap 28, Kyle Larson slides Wise for the lead. He can’t get it done as they make contact off the corner. Thomas Meseraull slams the wall and the caution is out!

Green, Wise leads. Larson slides him in turn three. He’s not clear. Larson puts Wise in the fence. Brady Bacon drives under them both to take the lead!

Larson has a flat and the caution is out. He heads for the pit area and the crew gets the car back out. Larson will restart at the tail.

Green, Bacon leads on the bottom into turn one. Wise is all over the bumper of the leader.

8 to go, Cannon McIntosh is upside down in turn four and the red flag is back out.

Green, Bacon leads on the bottom as Wise heads for the top. They both head for the top in turn three.

Wise has a run off turn four. Wise slides him for the lead into turn one.

Chris Windom moves to 2nd. He’s glued to the bottom as Wise is glued to the top.

4 to go, spin off turn two and the caution is out. Brady Bacon and Jason McDougal tangled.

Green, Wise heads right for the top. Windom heads for the bottom.

3 to go, Christopher Bell is rocking the cushion. He pulls even with Windom for 2nd. Bell hits a rut into turn three. He tips over, knocks the fence and lands back on all four wheels. Bell stalls and the caution is back out.

Green, Wise leads. Tyler Courtney started 20th and he’s all over Stenhouse for 2nd.

Final lap, Courtney moves to 2nd off the top in turns one and two. Wise is too far ahead.

Zeb Wise wins the 2019 BC39 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway!

BC39 Results
USAC National Midget
September 4, 2019

View full 2019 BC39 results from Indianapolis, Indiana below.

Qualifying Races

Qualifying Race #1 (10 Laps): 1. Tyler Thomas; 2. Thomas Meseraull; 3. Kyle Larson; 4. Jerry Coons Jr; 5. Jake Neuman; 6. Holley Hollan; 7. Ethan Mitchell; 8. Jonathan Beason; 9. Tyler Nelson; 10. Mark Chisholm; 11. Jeff Wimmenauer; 12. Conor Daly; 13. Luke Howard; 14. Carson Garrett; 15. Ryan Hall;

Qualifying Race #2 (10 Laps): 1. Zeb Wise; 2. Tucker Klaasmeyer; 3. CJ Leary; 4. Brady Bacon; 5. Tanner Carrick; 6. Cody Swanson; 7. Robert Dalby; 8. Brent Beauchamp; 9. Andrew Layser; 10. Alex Bright; 11. Chris Baue; 12. Ray Seach; 13. Rich Drangmeister; 14. Lance Bennett;

Qualifying Race #3 (10 Laps): 1. Christopher Bell; 2. Justin Grant; 3. Kevin Thomas Jr; 4. Logan Seavey; 5. Cannon McIntosh; 6. Ace McCarthy; 7. Nick Drake; 8. David Prickett; 9. Colten Cottle; 10. Chris Jagger Jr; 11. Kendall Ruble; 12. Cody Weisensel; 13. Trey Osborne; 14. Jesse Colwell;

Qualifying Race #4 (10 Laps): 1. Dillon Welch; 2. Spencer Bayston; 3. Tyler Courtney; 4. Chad Boat; 5. Chase Briscoe; 6. David Budres; 7. Daniel Robinson; 8. Brayton Lynch; 9. Karsyn Elledge; 10. Kyle O’Gara; 11. Oliver Akard; 12. Michael Klein; 13. Ken Drangmeister; 14. John Heydenreich;

Qualifying Race #5 (10 Laps): 1. Gio Scelzi; 2. Jason McDougal; 3. Chris Windom; 4. JJ Yaley; 5. Tony DiMattia; 6. Kyle Jones; 7. Dave Darland; 8. Steve Buckwalter; 9. Russ Gamester; 10. Aaron Leffel; 11. Matt Linder; 12. Kevin Studley; 13. Randi Pankratz; 14. Blaze Bennett;

Qualifying Race #6 (10 Laps): 1. Michael Pickens; 2. Ricky Stenhouse Jr; 3. Chase Jones; 4. Matt Westfall; 5. Sam Johnson; 6. Critter Malone; 7. Austin O’Dell; 8. Clinton Boyles; 9. Shannon McQueen; 10. Tommy Kouns; 11. Justin Dickerson; 12. Zach Daum; 13. Robert Bell; 14. Billy Wease;


1. Michael Pickens; 2. Ricky Stenhouse Jr; 3. Chase Jones; 4. Matt Westfall; 5. Sam Johnson; 6. Critter Malone; 7. Austin O’Dell; 8. Clinton Boyles; 9. Shannon McQueen; 10. Tommy Kouns; 11. Juston Dickerson; 12. Zach Daum; 13. Robert Bell; 14. Billy Wease;

Alphabet Mains

D-Main #1 (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer): 1. Jonathan Beason; 2. Jesse Colwell; 3. Andrew Layser; 4. Karsyn Elledge; 5. Colten Cottle; 6. Randi Pankratz; 7. Kyle O’Gara; 8. Chris Baue; 9. Justin Dickerson; 10. Kevin Studley; 11. Kendall Ruble; 12. Ryan Hall; 13. Chris Jagger Jr; 14. Rich Drangmeister; 15. Clint Boyles; 16. Blaze Bennett; 17. Ray Seach; 18. Oliver Akard; 19. Brayton Lynch;

D-Main #2 (12 Laps – Top 3 Transfer): 1. Brent Beauchamp; 2. Dave Darland; 3. Alex Bright; 4. Tyler Nelson; 5. David Prickett; 6. Mark Chisholm; 7. Luke Howard; 8. Carson Garrett; 9. Aaron Leffel; 10. Shannon McQueen; 11. Cody Weisensel; 12. Lance Bennett; 13. John Heydenreich; 14. Conor Daly; 15. Matt Linder; 16. Tommy Kouns; 17. Robert Bell; 18. Michael Klein; 19. Jeff Wimmenauer; 20. Ken Drangmeister;

C-Main (15 Laps – Top 6 Transfer) : 1. Sam Johnson; 2. Robert Dalby; 3. Kyle Jones; 4. Jesse Colwell; 5. Ace Mccarthy; 6. Zach Dohm; 7. Holley Hollan; 8. Nick Drake; 9. Dave Darland; 10. Daniel Robinson; 11. Brent Beauchamp; 12. Jonathan Beason; 13. Cody Swanson; 14. Alex Bright; 15. David Budres; 16. Critter Malone; 17. Russ Gamester; 18. Austin O’Dell; 19. Andrew Layser; 20. Ethan Mitchell;

B-Main (20 Laps – Top 6 Transfer) : 1. Christopher Bell; 2. Tucker Klaasmeyer; 3. Jerry Coons Jr; 4. Tyler Courtney; 5. Chase Briscoe; 6. Cannon McIntosh; 7. Sam Johnson; 8. Jesse Colwell; 9. CJ Leary; 10. Tony DiMattia; 11. Tanner Carrick; 12. Jake Neuman; 13. Ace McCarthy; 14. Zach Daum; 15. Kyle Jones; 16. Steve Buckwalter; 17. Robert Dalby; 18. Matt Westfall; 19. Chase Jones; 20. JJ Yaley;

Feature Race Results
September 5, 2019

A-Main – (39 Laps – $15,000 to win):

Pos | Driver

1. Zeb Wise; 2. Tyler Courtney; 3. Chris Windom; 4. Chad Boat; 5. Logan Seavey; 6. Jesse Colwell; 7. Ricky Stenhouse Jr; 8. Kevin Thomas Jr; 9. Kyle Larson; 10. Justin Grant; 11. Dillon Welch; 12. Tanner Carrick; 13. Michael Pickens; 14. Gio Scelzi; 15. Christopher Bell; 16. Brady Bacon; 17. Jason McDougal; 18. Cannon McIntosh; 19. Thomas Meseraull; 20. Spencer Bayston; 21. Tyler Thomas; 22. Tucker Klaasmeyer; 23. Jerry Coons Jr; 24. Chase Briscoe; 25. Jake Neuman; 26. CJ Leary;

Video Highlights
September 5, 2019
Indianapolis Dirt Track

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