L2 NASCAR penalty for body modifications at Daytona International Speedway

75 point penalty, $50,000 fine and six race suspension has been handed out by NASCAR officials

Timmy Hill and the No. 66 team have been handed a very large penalty at Daytona International Speedway. The penalty was issued ahead of qualifying on Saturday morning.

The team placed bondo on the side edge lip of their Toyota Supra nose. It slightly filled a gap, smoothing out the drag.

That’s not allowed. No modifications are allowed to the bodies in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

Officials chipped into the nose and discovered the infraction.

NASCAR has confiscated the nose and placed it on display for all the crew chiefs to check out, outside of the NASCAR Xfinity Series hauler.

26-year-old, Timmy Hill will still be allowed to race today at Daytona in the NASCAR Xfinity Series event.

The MBM Motorsports team field two other cars in the NXS. Neither of those cars failed the inspection.

The No. 66 NXS ride was sent off to an outside source to hang the body, per the team. They are the ones supposedly responsible for the infraction.

Timmy Hill Penalty

The team has been handed a 75 point penalty to team owner Carl Long of MBM Motorsports.

Crew chief Sebastien Laforge has also been handed a $50,000 fine in addition to a six-race suspension.

Laforge has also sent on an extended vacation with a large fine. He has been ejected from Daytona International Speedway, effective immediately.

That suspension only applies to NASCAR Xfinity Series competition.

Timmy Hill is also running in the NASCAR Cup Series with MBM Motorsports this weekend. There were no discovered infractions for that entry.

Timmy Hill - NASCAR fender violation - Bondo
Timmy Hill – NASCAR fender violation – Bondo

Timmy Hill comments on the L2 penalty

“It won’t hurt us much today. The Supra is still going to be fast,” Timmy Hill told Fox Sports.

“Unfortunately, we had to make a nose change. For a small team, we’re using the same nose we used last year.”

“We crashed it and made some repairs. It went through tech on our practice day. NASCAR found it to be just over the line.”

“Hopefully, between today’s race and Sunday’s race the team can recover financially. We’ll just move on from it,” Hill concluded.


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