Daytona Penalty Report: February 9-14, 2021 (NASCAR)

NASCAR has handed out three penalties including an indefinite suspension after Daytona International Speedway

NASCAR has just concluded a week of racing in Daytona Beach, Florida. The marathon week included the famed Daytona 500 for the NASCAR Cup Series

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Two penalties have been handed out in the NASCAR Cup Series. Both of which were lug nut violations for Bubba Wallace and Brad Keselowski.

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Michael Leoncini has been indefinitely suspended from NASCAR. He is the hauler driver for the No. 26 GMS Racing team. The truck was piloted by Tyler Ankrum at Daytiona.

Section 12.8.1.e: Statement and/or communication made public (including social media platforms) that demeans, critcizes, ridcules, or otherwise disparages another person based upon that person’s race, color, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, martial status, religion, age or handicapping condition.

-Being Charged with or convicted of significant criminal violations (e.g. Domestic Violence, Trafficking, Assault), or having had determinations rendered by criminal or civil authorities that in NASCAR’s judgement necessitate action. NASCAR will not pre-judge guilt or innocence in the criminal or civil legal system, or the guilt or innocence of the Member, but rather review each matter in it’s own context and circumstances and with regards to its potential effects upon the sport.

NASCAR drivers Kyle Larson, Mike Wallace and Josh Reaume have all been suspended in the for 12.8.1.e violations in the last year.

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NASCAR Cup Series
Penalty Report

Driver: Bubba Wallace #23

Infraction Date: February 14, 2021 (Post-Race)

Level: Safety

Infraction: Sections – Tires and Wheels – Note: Lug nut(s) not properly installed.

Penalty: Crew chief ( Michael Wheeler ) has been fined $10,000.

Driver: Brad Keselowski #2

Infraction Date: February 9, 2021 (Post-Race)

Level: Safety

Infraction: Sections – Tires and Wheels – Note: Lug nut(s) not properly installed.

Penalty: Crew chief ( Jeremy Bullins ) has been fined $10,000.

NASCAR Truck Series
Penalty Report

Crew Member: Michael Leoncini

Infraction Date: N/A

Level: Behavioral

Infraction: Sections 12.1; 12.8; 12.8.1.e

Penalty: Indefinite suspension from NASCAR

NASCAR Xfinity Series
Penalty Report

No penalties were announced for the NASCAR Xfinity Series.


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