Lucas Oil Late Model iRacing Series debuts today: Event format and info

The first race begins today for the new online dirt racing series featuring real world dirt late model stars

The Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series has just announced four more race postponements and cancellations due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

View iRacing Lucas Oil Late Model info below.

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Info | April 9 | April 10

Events at Hagerstown Speedway, Port Royal Speedway, Tri-City Speedway, and Macon Speedway have been affected. Hagerstwon, Tri-City and Macon have all been canceled. Port Royal is pushed to August 27th.

The series is now tentatively scheduled to resume on May 1st at Ponderosa Speedway. However, seven events through May 23rd are listed with a backup plan of a date in the event more postponements are needed.

“With the ever changing guidelines set forth by the federal, state, local, and public health officials, along with information that is based on guidelines from the CDC, the series has begun discussion with promoters to create alternative dates for races through the end of May. Please note, at this time, all May series events are set to take place as originally scheduled, the alternative dates are only there in case the need were to arise,” the series said in a release.

Lucas Oil iRacing Series

In the meantime, a several new online racing series has been formed. Of those, the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series have joined the iRacing game.

Lucas Oil eSports will begin with a focus on the competition surrounding the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series and Chili Bowl Nationals via iRacing.

“Lucas Oil has always tried to be on the cutting edge of all that it involves itself with and eSports is one of the new leading areas of development within racing,” said Morgan Lucas, Senior V.P. of Sales for Lucas Oil.

“We have a great family of Lucas Oil supporters and that racing goes hand-in-hand with that. eSports is an important way for us to expand our exposure to new groups while creating a bond with our existing racing community,” Lucas concluded.

Lucas Late Models
Knoxville Raceway
iRacing Event

First race scheduled: The first Lucas Oil eSports race will feature the Lucas Oil Late Models. The Late Model Knoxville Nationals will take place at the digital Knoxville Raceway.

Time: The first race will be run on Friday, April 10 at 8 pm ET, and will be shown on Lucas Oil’s Facebook page. The series team of MAVTV and Lucas Oil Racing TV commentators, Bob Dillner, James Essex and Dave Argabright, will call the action.

Entries: Bobby Pierce, Brian Shirley, Corey Gordon, Devin Gilpin, Devin Moran, Garrett Alberson, Gordy Gundaker, Heath Lawson, Hudson O’Neal, Jesse Stovall, Jimmy Owens, Jonathan Davenport, Matt Cosner, Nick Hoffman, Nick Stroupe, Payton Looney, Ricky Thornton Jr, Ross Bailes, Trent Ivey and Tyler Reddick.

Driver will face-off against others who will qualify through an “Open Race” format, the day before the official event. An announcement of which drivers will participate is pending.

“While we all try to do our part in making sure our country overcomes the virus, the anticipation for the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series to resume action in 2020 is building,” said series director Rick Schwallie.

“After successful Georgia and Florida Speedweeks, which saw impressive car counts, racers and fans now have the opportunity to build on that through series events within Lucas Oil eSports, and we are excited to have the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series be a part of that,” Schwallie concluded.

A full schedule for Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, and the legendary Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals is coming soon.



Events will be broadcasted by Lucas Oil.  Each week LOeS officials will announce the destination of the live broadcast.


If using a custom paint scheme, please verify that all designs, text, and logos are appropriate for a TV audience.

If using a custom number painted on your car, please verify that the car number matches your assigned number for the event.


20 invited drivers are locked into the raceday event.  Another 8 drivers will transfer from an Open Race, utilizing the same format, the day before.  Lucas Oil eSports officials reserve the right to change the format each week, which could include, but not limited to, eliminating the Open Race.


The setup for the event will be fixed, and will be provided by a Lucas Oil eSports official.

Race conditions (Weather, TOD, Temperature) will be announced for each event based on setup.


Each event will take place with practice, qualifying, heats (based on qualifying results), and a feature (set by heat race results).

The track conditions will be reset to 0% before qualifying, will carry over to heats, and will be reset before the feature. Viewers can see all cars on track.

Each event will divide the field into four heats, based on qualifying.  Heat race length will vary by track size and will be announced prior to each event.  Caution laps will count, GWC enabled. The number of drivers transferring from the heat to the feature will vary by event and will be announced prior to the event.

The feature will be set based on heat race results.  Race length will vary by track size and will be announced prior to each event.  Caution laps will count. Three Green-White-Checkers are enabled within the iRacing format.  The number of drivers competing in the feature will vary by event and will be announced prior to the event.  Lucas Oil eSports reserves the right to add provisional starting spots if needed.


-All cars qualify at the same time. You will only be able to see your car on the track.

-Qualifying results will determine heat race starting line-ups.

-Four heats will be utilized – each heat is 12 laps in length.

-Heat race results will determine the starting line-up for the feature.

-100-laps will be the distance of the feature.

-No tire changes are permitted.

-No spotters are allowed.


At 7 PM (ET), a 60-minute practice session will be available for drivers.

This session is for serious practice attempts only.  Any rough driving or intentional wrecking may result in disqualification and removal from the server.


Qualifying will begin at approximately 8 PM ET, when the server switches from practice to qualifying.

Drivers will have three laps to turn their best lap in a 10 minute Qualifying session.

Any 0x or higher contact will nullify your lap time.  This is a hard-coded iRacing system penalty.


The initial start of the event will be controlled by the green flag from iRacing.  Leader will need to hold pace speed from the pace car pulling off the track, through to the point in which the game displays the green flag.


A restart box will be designated prior to the event by event admins.  The leaders will restart the race within this restart box. The leader must maintain pace speed from the pace car pulling off track through the start of the restart box, and may choose to restart any time while inside the restart box.

All restarts will be double-file, lap down cars to the rear.

Wave Arounds will be enabled.


All cautions will be flagged by the event admin.

Incidents involving one or two cars that do not result in a track blockage will no longer see yellow flags, only large incidents and track blockages will trigger a yellow.

If fault is determined in an incident, the driver at-fault will receive an EOL and be sent to the tail of the field.

Fault is not required for an incident, event admin has the ability to deem an incident a racing deal, or determine that net code is the reason for a caution.


-No tires will be allowed to be taken for this event.

-Taking tires will result in a DQ from the event.

-Drivers may only repair damage and add fuel.

-It is the driver’s responsibility to know how to uncheck tires prior to the race so they do not take tires if pitting.


Drivers will be warned if observed violating track limits to create an advantage.  Further track limit violations will receive a black flag stop and hold 30 seconds. Track limit violations observed on the final lap of a race to gain an advantage will result in the pass being undone in official results, and may result in the loss of a win.


Top three finishers are required to join a teamspeak server designated by the event admin for post-race interviews.


The broadcast team, during a caution, does have the ability to communicate with drivers for on-air purposes.


General chatter should be kept to a minimum during race sessions and should be reserved for race related communications only. This includes during cautions, to ensure drivers can address admins if necessary, to claim cautions or address any issues they may have. 

Any negative chatter will not be tolerated. While we understand that incidents will happen during the course of a race and frustration levels may rise, drivers are not to get on the radio to yell, curse, blame, complain, etc.. Negativity comes off unprofessional and makes us look bad, so we will not tolerate it.

If you need to talk to another driver about an incident, do so in a professional way or do it after the race when your frustration level drops and both drivers get the chance to watch a replay.

Drivers that get on the radio towards other drivers in a negative way will be subject to penalty and may have their mics muted. Any further offenses will result in an ejection from the race and will be subject to further penalties including suspension/banning from future events. The severity of the penalty is fully up to admins discretion.


If a driver has connection issues during a race, admins will notify the driver of the issues.  If the problem persists, the driver may be asked to drop to the back of the field or park their car.

Drivers are responsible for their own connection issues.  If these issues result in cautions or other contact, they may be subject to penalty which is based on admin discretion.

In the event that the entire race server experiences connection related issues, admins may elect to open up a new session or possibly postpone/redo the race at a later date.

Scott Bloomquist, Tyler Erb and Jimmy Owens at Lucas Oil Speedway - Lucas Dirt 0432
Scott Bloomquist, Tyler Erb and Jimmy Owens at Lucas Oil Speedway – Lucas Dirt 0432
Lucas Oil Raceway coming to iRacing

Another piece of information learned in this announcement is of a new track coming to iRacing.

Lucas Oil Speedway, the Wheatland, Mo dirt track is scheduled to be scanned and entered into the online platform. The The Diamond of Dirt Tracks is a 3/8-mile semi-banked oval.

The complex also features an off road racing track as well. It’s unclear if that track will also be added to iRacing. Most likely, yes.

After scanning, it still takes many months for the track to be entered into the online service. For example, North Wilkesboro Speedway was scanned late last year and it is scheduled to be released in June 2020.


North Wilkesboro coming to iRacing

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