Boyd’s Speedway owner assaults employee as fans watch from grandstands (VIDEO)

Disturbing video shows the dirt track owner attack an employee in the scoring tower; Striking him multiple times

On May 16, 2020, Boyd’s Speedway opened the gates to the their Ringgold, GA dirt track. Fans were eager to get back to the races for the first event with open grandstands, since March.

Many dirt tracks across the country are operating without fans with online broadcast-only event. Before this, Boyd’s Speedway hosted six controlled practice sessions and two driver/crew only events.

Saturday’s show brought in super late models as the headline and the fans showed up to see it. Jordan Rodabaugh drove to the super late model win.

Fans were not allowed to gather in groups larger than 10. A 6 feet distance rule was in place for the grandstands between the groups. However, the track owner did not follow that 6 foot rule.

David Duplissey, the Boyd’s speedway owner entered the scoring tower and punched an employee several times in the head just ahead of the main event. The beating lasted for about a minute as the victim attempted to cover his face and hide from the blows to his head.

Fans in the grandstands below the tower recorded the altercation. That can be watched in the video below.

“Somebody go over there and stop that,” a fan yelled. “Somebody needs to arrest that man. Is there any police outside?”

Duplissey then exited the scoring tower and gave a thumbs up as he noticed the incident was being recorded.

“Pussy! Go up there and beat on some kid,” a fan yelled at the owner as he walked out of the tower in stride.

The police report

Gary Sisk, the Catoosa County Sheriff stated the altercation stemmed from the employee telling Duplissey not to grade the track.

Duplissey was on a piece of track equipment to work and shape the track in turns three and four. The report reads that the employee exited the tower and told Duplissey to, “get off the track. There’s a race going on.”

After Duplissey exited the track, he walked to the scoring tower and began punching the employee. The confrontation drew blood in the left eye and left marks in several places of his face. But, he did not return with any defensive attacks.

The unnamed employee was taken by ambulance to Parkridge East Hospital.

“It was learned that there was an altercation between two business associates. During the altercation, one of the individuals struck the other multiple times,” the police report read.

“The assault was filmed by a fan at the race and placed on social media.”

The altercation was also witnessed by a female employee of the speedway who was also in the tower.

“The responding deputy spoke with the victim. The victim advised, at that time, he did not wish to pursue criminal charges. This case has been assigned to a detective for a follow-up investigation.”

David Duplissey and Michael McDowell took over ownership of the speedway in 2013.

The dirt track has not issued a statement or posted anything on their social media channels since the incident last Saturday.

Boyd’s Speedway fight video


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