Angie Pierce lights Tyler Erb shirt on fire; Bobby Pierce attempts to defuse situation (Video)

Angie Pierce and Bobby Pierce have both commented after the video surfaced

Last weekend, the World of Outlaws Late Model Series hosted the $50,000 to win show at Cedar Lake Speedway in Wisconsin. Tyler Erb was at the front all weekend. Bobby Pierce made the show but missed the call and started the main event at the tail.

Watch the Angie Pierce video below.

With just 15 laps to go, Pierce was on the cushion and coming to the front. Tyler Erb and Bobby Pierce made contact as they were racing for 5th when Erb was spun into turn three.

After getting spun, Erb attempted to retaliate under caution but he inflicted no damage on the first go. Erb then went backwards on track to locate Pierce.

Erb slowly nosed to the front bumper of Pierce and attempted to get him out of the car. He then stepped on the gas and did a burnout on his nose.

A World of Outlaws official approached the car of Erb and attempted to hit the kill switch. At the same time, Bob Pierce, father of Bobby Pierce ran onto the race track to yell and reach into the cockpit of Erb.

As Erb peeled off, he clipped the series official, sending him to the ground.

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Tyler Erb does doughnuts at Muskingum County Speedway 7948
Tyler Erb does doughnuts at Muskingum County Speedway 7948

After Cedar Lake / Tyler Erb Shirt

Both drivers had hefty comments about each other after the incident. Erb went as far as inviting Pierce to a fight at any race or truck stop.

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On Wednesday, World of Outlaws officials handed out fines and suspensions to both parties.

Tyler Erb: $5,000 fine / indefinite suspension

Bob Pierce: $1,000 fine / 1 month suspension

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This week, both drivers have unloaded to race at Florence Speedway. It’s the North / South 100, paying $50,000 to win. Erb is eligible to race as the race is sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series.

At the track, Tyler Erb is selling new shirts that say, “Any time – Any Track – Any truck stop.”

Angie Pierce, mother of Bobby Pierce, got a hold of one of those shirts while heavily intoxicated. She then proceeded to light the Tyler Erb shirt on fire.

In the video she addressed Erb directly as she was being recorded. Referring to the truck stop comment, Angie invited Erb to the Pierce shop.

She stated, “Exit 206. Any day. Any time you want it. This old bitch will personally kick your fucking ass. Take it to the bank.”

Bobby Pierce at I-80 Speedway 1973
Bobby Pierce at I-80 Speedway 1973

Angie Pierce issues an apology

Within an hour of the video surfacing on social media, Pierce issued an apology.

Angie Pierce stated via social media, “I let my emotions mixed with alcohol get the best of me last night and owe a huge apology to everyone! My son is such a class act and I am embarrassed by my actions.”

Bobby Pierce comments

Bobby Pierce posted the following note to his facebook page on Friday afternoon in an attempt to defuse the situation:

“I Just want to apologize for the recent incidents about everything that has been pretty much out of my control. I try to keep the race team professional and I kept my comments mostly to myself lately about the Terbo deal.

He added, “I Don’t want any drama, I hate it.”

“I just want to race and be the best individual I can be. Although I haven’t ran my mouth at all or made any unnecessary comments or on / off track activity, however my mom had.”

“Last night, my mom had some drinks and she ran her mouth about the Terbo deal and burned one of his shirts. Someone recorded it. I was no where around at the time as I was asleep in the truck.”

“Although I love my mom, she really showed a bad image last night for herself and the team as she is connected with the race team since she is my mom and she sells apparel.”

“All of this doesn’t necessarily boil down to everyone else, but I just wanted to apologize if it has. Although I believe Tyler Erb was in the wrong at Cedar Lake for trying to wreck me under caution as well as his comments after the race, I held my head high knowing I wasn’t at his level.”

“Thanks for the support, I appreciate all of it.”

Angie Pierce lights Tyler Erb shirt on fire (Video)


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