Grave Digger: Kevin Harvick surprised by NASCAR paint scheme (Video)

Keelan Harvick organized the ultimate Father’s Day gift for NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick

Sunday is father’s day. 8-year-old Keelan Harvick set up the ultimate father’s day gift for his NASCAR driving father, Kevin Harvick.

“Hey dad, I have an epic Father’s Day surprise for you,” Keelan Harvick said.

Harvick was tricked into showing up at Stewart-Haas Racing for what he thought was a meeting. He was then led by Keelan Harvick, outside the facility where he was greeted by the fire breathing Grave Digger Monster Truck.

The truck was presented by Ryan Anderson and Adam Anderson of the Grave Digger team.

Things intensified as Harvick’s car for this weekend at Nashville Speedway was then rolled out to the parking lot. The No. 4 Chevrolet was fitted with a matching Grave Digger paint scheme.

“I thought I was coming here for a meeting today. Apparently, I was coming here for the surprise of this,” Harvick said as the car was revealed to him.

“It’s been a number of years since we’ve done something like this. I’m honored to drive anything that says ‘Grave Digger’ on it.”

The car will be raced this weekend at Nashville Superspeedway.

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Kevin Harvick talks Grave Digger

“It’s THE monster truck. Loud noises, big engines, big wheels, big tires, fast racecars, and to have that be a surprise, it’s surprising to me because of the fact that it’s with Grave Digger and everything, the history, that goes with that truck,” Harvick said in a team release.

“But it doesn’t surprise me that it’s something related to a car and tying it in to what we do. This one caught me off guard, though, because I had no idea that any of this was happening and, to have my 8-year-old son be able to pull that off and know more about it than I do makes me feel like I’m a little bit left out. So we’re going to have to talk to somebody.

“We have been to Monster Jam. We went to Charlotte, we went to Atlanta several years ago. We’ve been to a few of them.”

“For Keelan and I, racing is a legacy, you pass it on from one generation to the next. And the same thing has happened with Grave Digger and the drivers of that truck. What we do, you see generations of families that have had their fathers, their sons and their sons move on through the ranks of racing.”

“It’s something that you grow up around and are a part of and you learn to love the sport. And when you’re around it, you understand it’s a family sport and, for me, that’s the best part of it – that it’s something we can do together.

T-Shirts are soon to be available.

Grave Digger - NASCAR paint scheme photos - Kevin Harvick
Grave Digger – NASCAR paint scheme photos – Kevin Harvick

Looking to Nashville Superspeedway

When Dennis Anderson, the patriarch of Grave Digger, was behind the wheel of his Monster Jam truck, he was crushing cars. That doesn’t typically work too well in a stock car. How are you going to live up to Grave Digger’s legacy?

Harvick said, “You’ve got to set yourself apart from everybody else, right”

“The best way to do that for us is to run faster than everybody else, so hopefully we can have this No. 4 Monster Jam/Grave Digger Ford Mustang doing what it’s supposed to do and running fast – scare them right off the track. They’re all going to be jealous because I get to drive Grave Digger’s car.”

The NASCAR Cup Series has never raced at Nashville. However, Harvick has raced there in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. In his four Xfinity starts, Harvick claimed two wins.

“I didn’t ever go to Nashville without the expectation of winning. It was one of our best racetracks throughout the years and we’ve always had good success there and always enjoyed the racetrack itself. I’m looking forward to Cup finally going there.”

“I know that facility was built to entertain having a Cup date and I can’t believe it’s taken this long because Nashville is such a great area for us as a sport. I’m excited to be there because we have just a ton of fans.”

Harvick added, “Obviously, it’s the home of Hunt Brothers Pizza, as well. So there’s just a lot of good things that are happening when we go back to Nashville.”

View more photos of the NASCAR Grave Digger paint scheme below.

Kevin Harvick – Grave Digger surprise
Kevin Harvick – Grave Digger
NASCAR Paint Scheme

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