SRX Results: June 26, 2021 (Eldora Speedway)

Eldora Speedway results for the SRX Series

Tonight, the SRX Series unloads in Rossburg, Ohio. The half-mile of Eldora Speedway is set to host round three of the new Superstar Racing Experience.

View 2021 Eldora results for the SRX Series below.

2021 SRX Menu: 6 Races
Stafford | Knoxville | Eldora | Lucas Oil | Slinger | Nashville

These are high powered machines with narrow tires. The spec cars are supplied by the sanction to each driver.

Ernie Francis Jr and Tony Kanaan crashed in heat two while battling for the lead. They collected Michael Waltrip as well and shook up the finish.

Kody Swanson will go to a backup car ahead of the main event. He’s the local hero for this event.

Points from heats were used to set the lineup for the main event. Tony Stewart and Paul Tracy line up on the front row. 50 laps of dirt track racing are up next…

SRX Eldora
Main Event – Report

Trouble ahead of the start! Tony Stewart hits the pit lane just ahead of the green flag! He’ll be forced to go to the rear of the field as a result. Paul Tracy moves up to the front row.

Green flag, Tracy gets the jump on the outside lane and he’s clear into turn one. Castroneves takes over 2nd.

Lap 6, Labonte and Andretti rub doors into turn one in the battle for 4th. Andretti holds the spot.

Lap 10, Stewart slides Bill Elliott and he’s up to 9th after starting at the tail.

Lap 13, Tracy opens the gap. Scott Speed is leaning on the rear bumper of Castroneves for 2nd.

Lap 16, the caution is out for debris.

Green, Tracy runs wide coming to take the green and shoves Castroneves into the wall at the falgstand. Tracy leads into turn one.

Castroneves gases it up in turn three and clips Tracy in the left rear but Castroneves gets himself sideways and falls to 3rd. Scott Speed moves to 2nd.

Lap 19, Tony Stewart works to the inside of Castroneves and takes the 4th spot away.

Lap 23, Stewart throws a slider on Andretti into turn one. Andretti runs wide off turn two and Stewart takes the spot. They both slow each other down and Swanson slides them both into turn three. Kody Swanson has climbed from the back to 3rd.

Lap 24

Lap 24, Ernie Francis Jr spins Tony Kanaan and the caution is out. Kanaan taps the bumper of Francis under the caution to let him know he’s not happy.

“That is two times that he spun me. I am going to take him out,” Kanaan radio.

Green, Tracy gets the jump and clears Speed into turn one. Kody Swanson is working the inside lane, lower than everyone and moving forward.

Lap 25, Swanson clears Speed to take 2nd.

Lap 26, Swanson slides Tracy and clears him. Tracy drives it deep into the next corner to try and get to his bumper but he can’t get there.

Lap 34, the caution is out.

Green, Tracy jumps the start on the outside and he’s clear into turn one. Stewart runs three wide behind them and jumps from 6th to 3rd!

Lap 36, Swanson looks to the inside of Tracy in turn three and he drives right by to retake the lead.

Lap 39, Stewart catches the cushion in turn one. He crosses under Tracy off turn four and slides him in turn one to take 2nd.

10 to go

10 to go, Swanson leads on the bottom. Stewart trails by 5 car lengths and he’s rolling the cushion and making time.

8 to go, the caution is back out for debris.

Green, Swanson and Stewart run near even into turn one. They remain even off turn two. Stewart clears him back in turn one to take the race lead on the cushion!

5 to go, Tracy gets into Labonte and turns him while battling for 3rd. Andretti and Elliott are collected. Heavy damage for Labonte and Elliott, they’re both out of the race.

Green, Swanson clears Stewart on the bottom into turn one. Stewart fights back on the outside in turn three. They run even off turn four!

Stewart knocks the cushion and clears him off turn two.

3 to go, Swanson runs the cushion in turn one and exits on his bumper. He slides him in turn three but can’t clear him. Stewart holds the lead.

White flag, Stewart leads Swanson by a car length into turn one. Swanson drives it to the bottom in turn three and pulls even but Stewart powers back to the lead with outside momentum off the final corner.

Tony Stewart wins at Eldora Speedway!

SRX Series Results
Eldora Speedway
June 26, 2021

The following includes all on-track action:

Heat Races

-The starting lineup feat heat 1 is set via a random draw.

Heat 1 (12 Minutes) : 1. Tony Kanaan; 2. Helio Castroneves; 3. Paul Tracy; 4. Marco Andretti; 5. Bobby Labonte; 6. Kody Swanson; 7. Ernie Francis Jr; 8. Bill Elliott; 9. Michael Waltrip; 10. Scott Speed; 11. Tony Kanaan; 12. Willy T Ribbs;

-Points are handed out for heat finishing positions. The starting field of heat two was inverted based on the finish in heat 1.

Heat 2 (12 Minutes) : 1. Marco Andretti; 2. Paul Tracy; 3. Tony Stewart; 4. Scott Speed; 5. Bobby Labonte; 6. Helio Castroneves; 7. Bill Elliott; 8. Tony Kanaan; 9. Willy T Ribbs; 10. Ernie Francis Jr; 11. Michael Waltrip; 12. Kody Swanson;

-Points are used to set the feature lineup.


Laps: 50

1. Tony Stewart
2. Kody Swanson
3. Helio Castroneves
4. Marco Andretti
5. Paul Tracy
6. Scott Speed
7. Tony Kanaan
8. Ernie Francis Jr
9. Willy T Ribbs
10. Michael Waltrip
11. Bobby Labonte
12. Bill Elliott

Point Standings

As of: June 26, 2021

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Tony Stewart

2. Helio Castroneves

3. Ernie Francis Jr

4. Kanaan/Deegan

5. Marco Andretti

6. Bobby Labonte

7. Paul Tracy

8. Michael Waltrip

9. Bill Elliott

10. Willy T Ribbs

Ringers vs Legends

1. Local Legends

2. The Ringers

Eldora Speedway
June 26, 2021
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