SRX Race Results: June 19, 2021 (Knoxville Raceway)

Knoxville Raceway results for the SRX dirt race; Scott Bloomquist, Hailie Deegan enter first event

The new short track mini-series opened their season last week. Tonight, the new SRX Series makes their dirt track racing debut via Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa.

View the 2021 Knoxville SRX results below.

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Dirt track specialists Scott Bloomquist and Brian Brown are in the field. Additionally, Hailie Deegan is filling in for Tony Kanaan.

Bloomquist played the game and hung out in the back of the field in heat one. The invert put him on the front row for heat two. Bloomquist then pulled a slider on Helio Castroneves during a green-whiter-checkered for the heat two win.

New rear tires have been installed ahead of the main event. Additionally, officials elected to add a new right front.

Tony Stewart and Ernie Francis Jr line up on the front row. 50 laps of dirt track racing are up next…

SRX Series - Knoxville Raceway dirt track
SRX Series – Knoxville Raceway dirt track

Knoxville Race
Main Event – Report

Green, Tony Stewart gets the jump on Francis Jr. Scott Bloomquist drive by Helio Castroneves on the outside to hold 3rd.

Lap 4, Bloomquist has a run on Francis Jr off turn two. He slides him in turn threeand takes over 2nd.

Lap 5, caution for debris. Paul Tracy has called it quits after damage.

Green, Bill Elliott pulls out of line from 4th. He’s lost power or he hit the kill switch. Elliott is back in the gas but he’s lost a ton of ground.

At the front, Bloomquist is all over the bumper of Stewart in the battle for the lead.

Lap 8, Bloomquist works inside of Stewart. They run side by side. Brian Brown spins behind them, caution.

Castroneves pulls to the pit area with heavy fender damage.

Green, Stewart leads Bloomquist into turn one. Michael Waltrip slides Ernie Francis for 3rd.

Lap 9, Brian Brown spins, caution.

Green, Stewart leads. Bloomquist cuts across the nose of Waltrip. As they make contact, Hailie Deegan drives by both of them on the outside to take 2nd. Willy T Ribbs spins on his own behind them, caution. That lap isn’t completed.

Green, Stewart leads on the bottom in turn one. Bloomquist drives it deep on the outside, he slides up and catches the cushion but he falls to 5th in the process as the field drives by on corner exit. Waltrip takes over 2nd.

Lap 12

Lap 12, Waltrip pushes on the bumper of Stewart in turn two. He works inside of him and they remain side by side. Waltrip doors him back in turn three, Waltrip leads.

Lap 21, Waltrip spins the tires off turn four. Tony Stewart has momentum and looks to the outside of Waltrip into turn one. He drives right by via the outside lane!

Lap 30, Stewart leads Waltrip by a car length.

Lap 32, Helio Castroneves gets into the back of Bloomquist, spins him and the caution is out. Bloomquist and Elliott head for the pits. Elliott needed a push to the pit lane and he’s out of the race. It’s the same issue he had at Stafford.

10 to go

Green, Stewart is clear into turn one. Waltrip falls to 4th on the outside lane, Ernie Francis Jr takes over 2nd.

9 to go, Stewart leads Francis Jr by 1 second.

8 to go, Castroneves gets sideways off turn two. Deegan has momentum on the inside and she completes the pass in turn one to take over 3rd.

4 to go, Deegan is on the bumper of Francis Jr for 2nd.

1 to go, Deegan puts the bumper to Francis Jr for 2nd. She pushes him up the track and takes the spot.

At the front, Tony Stewart wins at Knoxville Raceway!

SRX Series Results
Knoxville Raceway
June 19, 2021

The following includes all on-track action:

Heat Races

-The starting lineup feat heat 1 is set via a random draw.

Heat 1 (12 Minutes) : 1. Tony Stewart; 2. Marco Andretti; 3. Hailie Deegan; 4. Ernie Francis Jr; 5. Paul Tracy; 6. Bill Elliott; 7. Brian Brown; 8. Bobby Labonte; 9. Helio Castroneves; 10. Scott Bloomquist; 11. Willy T Ribbs; 12. Michael Waltrip;

-Points are handed out for heat finishing positions. The starting field of heat two was inverted based on the finish in heat 1.

Heat 2 (12 Minutes) : 1. Scott Bloomquist; 2. Ernie Francis Jr; 3. Michael Waltrip; 4. Tony Stewart; 5. Hailie Deegan; 6. Bill Elliott; 7. Helio Castroneves; 8. Brian Brown; 9. Bobby Pierce; 10. Marco Andretti; 11. Willy T Ribbs; 12. Paul Tracy;

-Points are used to set the feature lineup.


Laps: 50

1. Tony Stewart
2. Hailie Deegan
3. Ernie Francis Jr
4. Helio Castroneves
5. Michael Waltrip
6. Bobby Labonte
7. Marco Andretti
8. Brian Brown
9. Scott Bloomquist
10. Willy T Ribbs
11. Bill Elliott
12. Paul Tracy

Point Standings

As of: June 19, 2021

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Tony Stewart

2. Ernie Francis Jr

3. Deegan/Kanaan

4. Helio Castroneves

5. Bobby Labonte

6. Michael Waltrip

7. Marco Andretti

8. Bill Elliott

9. Paul Tracy

10. Willy T Ribbs

Point Standings
Legends vs Ringers

1. Local Legends

2. The Ringers

Knoxville Raceway
Video (Full Race)
June 19, 2021
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