SRX Results: July 10, 2021 (Slinger Speedway)

Slinger Speedway results from the thrilling SRX Series race

Tonight, the SRX Series unloads in Slinger, Wisconsin in front of a packed crowd of 10,000. The World’s Fastest 1/4-mile asphalt track of Slinger Speedway welcomes the new short track racing division.

View full SRX results from Slinger Speedway below.

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Ernie Francis Jr spun Paul Tracy in heat one while racing for position. Tracy reacted by crashing into him under caution. Meanwhile, Marco Andretti grabbed the win in the first of two heats.

Greg Biffle and Hailie Deegan ran side by side to the finish line in heat two. Biffle grabbed the win by inches.

Marco Andretti was the high point earner and will start from the pole position. Luke Fenhaus lines up on the outside row. 150 laps of bullring racing are up next.

Feature – Report

Green, Andretti and Fenhaus run side by side into turn one. Andretti gets the drive off the bottom and takes the lead in turn two.

Lap 2, Fenhaus runs high to get a run. He crosses under Andretti and they run side by side for the lead.

Lap 8, Fenhaus and Andretti remain side by side for the lead.

Lap 20, Fenhaus finally clears Andretti on the inside lane. The 17 year old leads the field of legends.

Lap 25, Stewart leans on the rear bumper of Andretti for 2nd. He takes that spot on the inside.

Lap 30, Stewart looks inside of Fenhaus but he can’t complete the pass.

Lap 39, Stewart works to the outside of Fenhaus. They run door to door, inches apart. Fenhaus holds him off.

Race break #1

Lap 45, the first race break caution is out.

Green, Fenhaus and Stewart return to side by side racing in turn one. 2 laps later, Stewart finally clears him with an outside pass.

It’s short lived, Fenhaus takes the lead right back.

Lap 72, Stewart has a worked back to the outside of Fenhaus. He clears him once again, Stewart leads.

Lap 79, Fenhaus works to the outside of Stewart once again, he clears him. Fenhaus back to the race lead.

Lap 82, Stewart works right back to the right rear of Fenhaus.

Lap 89, Fenhaus gets loose under Stewart on the inside. He chases it up the hill and Stewart clears him.

Lap 91, Fenhaus looks back to the inside of Stewart. Andretti sticks his nose between them and looks to make it three wide as he leans on the left rear of Stewart.

Race break #2

Lap 92, the second race break caution is out.

Green, Stewart and Fenhaus run side by side for the lead. Andretti and Labonte make contact for 3rd behind them but they both continue.

Lap 105, Michael Waltrip spins and the caution is out.

Green, Fenhaus and Stewart form side by side for the lead once again. Paul Tracy puts the bumper to Ernie Francis Jr for 7th. Francis gets jacked completely sideways but he saves it.

Lap 121, Stewart and Fenhaus remain side by side. Stewart brushes the wall off turn two.

Lap 130, Deegan dives inside of Paul Tracy for 7th. Tracy shuts the door and they make contact but they both keep it rolling.

Lap 131, Stewart and Fenhaus remain door to door for the lead.

16 to go, Fenhaus finally clears Stewart.

Race break #3

15 to go, the final race break caution is out.

Green, Fenhaus gets the jump. Deegan tags Biffle and Biffle is sent up the track into Castroneves. They tangle at the start finish line, Biffle and Castroneves both slide sideways into turn one. The caution is back out.

Green, Fenhaus and Stewart run even into turn one.

10 to go, Fenhaus clears Stewart as Andretti doors Stewart and pushes him up the track. Andretti to 2nd.

5 to go, Fenhaus leads Andretti by four car lengths.

1 to go, Deegan puts the bumper to Paul Tracy and he spins across the track. Waltrip, Ribbs and Castroneves are collected.

— SRX Overtime (G-W-C) —

Green, Fenhaus and Andretti run side by side into turn one. Andretti pinches him down at the entry and Andretti clears him via the outside lane in turn two.

White, Fenhaus closes to the bumper of Andretti in turn three. He gives him a light tap but it’s not enough.

Marco Andretti wins at Slinger Speedway!

Slinger Speedway
Slinger Speedway

Slinger Speedway Results
July 10, 2021
SRX Series

The following includes all on-track action:

Heat Races

-The starting lineup feat heat 1 is set via a random draw.

Heat 1 (12 Minutes) : 1. Marco Andretti; 2. Tony Stewart; 3. Luke Fenhaus; 4. Bobby Labonte; 5. Helio Castroneves; 6. Ernie Francis Jr; 7. Greg Biffle; 8. Hailie Deegan; 9. Michael Waltrip; 10. Bill Elliott; 11. Willy T Ribbs; 12. Paul Tracy;

-Points are handed out for heat finishing positions. The starting field of heat two was inverted based on the finish in heat 1.

Heat 2 (12 Minutes) : 1. Greg Biffle; 2. Hailie Deegan; 3. Earnie Francis Jr; 4. Luke Fenhaus; 5. Tony Stewart; 6. Marco Andretti; 7. Helio Castroneves; 8. Bobby Labonte; 9. Willy T Ribbs; 10. Bill Elliott; 11. Paul Tracy; 12. Michael Waltrip;

-Average finish from both heats are used to set the feature lineup.


Laps: 150

1. Marco Andretti
2. Luke Fenhaus
3. Tony Stewart
4. Hailie Deegan
5. Bobby Labonte
6. Ernie Francis Jr
7. Willy T Ribbs
8. Greg Biffle
9. Bill Elliott
10. Helio Castroneves
11. Paul Tracy (DNF)
12. Michael Waltrip (DNF)

Point Standings

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Tony Stewart

2. Ernie Francis Jr

3. Marco Andretti

4. Bobby Labonte

5. Helio Castroneves

6. Kanaan / Deegan

7. Michael Waltrip

8. Paul Tracy

9. Bill Elliott

10. Willy T Ribbs

Legends vs Ringers

1. Local Legends

2. The Ringers

Slinger Speedway Video
July 10, 2021
SRX Series

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