Racing drivers fight at East Lincoln Speedway (Video)

Two drivers brought WWE to the dirt track

East Lincoln Speedway is a 3/8-mile dirt track in Stanley, NC. The track hosted the Blue Ridge Outlaw Late Models on Saturday night for a $1,500 to win show.

Watch the East Lincoln Speedway fight video below.

The two drivers tangled down the backstretch. Josh Harris climbed from his car and walked toward Houser as he sat in his car. Soon after, Jake Houser climbed from his car in a hurry and immediately took off his helmet.

Houser jumped down from his machine. In a matter of milliseconds, both drivers started throwing punches.

“We got a tussle on the back straightaway,” the track announcer jumped on the mic.

After 10s of punches were thrown, a crew member for Houser became the third man in. He threw a punch as Harris making it a two on one situation.

The two drivers wrestled to the ground. That same crew member stood over them, cocked and ready to throw another punch.

As the drivers wrestled on the race track, Houser gave Harris a knee to the face. Harris then stayed down on the ground.

30 seconds into the altercation, race officials were at the scene. Two officials tackled Houser to the ground and successfully broke up the altercation.

Both drivers walked away from the scene.

Drivers disqualified

In the official results, Jake Houser and Josh Harris were given a DQ from the event. Jay Sessoms drove to victory lane.

East Lincoln Speedway has a full list of Big Brother style rules at the very top of their website. Of those, a $250 fine for bashing the track or officials on social media, lol. Other fines include:

– “Do not cross the track, enter another racer’s pits, or Victory lane to fight or argue. 1st offense $500 and must be paid before allowed to race.”

– “Do not get out of your car while on the track for any reason outside of fire emergency. 1st offense $100”

The Blue Ridge Outlaw Late Model Series has not issued any public statement on the accident.

East Lincoln Speedway
Fight Video

Watch the East Lincoln Speedway fight videos below:


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