Hangtown 100 Results: November 20, 2021 (USAC Midget)

The finale at Placerville Speedway

Tonight, the three-day dirt midget event comes to a close. The 1/4-mile of Placerville Speedway is set to pay $20,000 to win.

View Hangtown 100 results below.

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Race Payout: Tonight, they’ll battle for $5,000. Points are collected over the three day show. The highest point earner wins $12,000. Additionally, Saturday’s feature finale pays $20,000 to win.

NASCAR stars are in the house. Kyle Larson is the highest point earner after the first two days of racing. Chase Elliott takes a provision to join the tail of the main event.

Taylor Reimer and Zeb Wise line up on the front row. 28 cars are set for 100 laps of dirt midget racing are up next…

Hangtown 100
Main Event

Green flag, Wise gets the jump via the outside lane and he’s clear into turn one. Bryant Wiedeman takes over 2nd.

Lap 10, Buddy Kofoid to 2nd.

Lap 11, Carrick, Larson and Crouch all tangle in turn one. The caution is out.

Larson and others head to the pit area. Larson will rejoin the tail of the field.

Green, Wise knocks the cushion in turn one. Kofoid rolls the bottom.

Lap 12, Kofoid rolls through the ruts in turn one, Wiedeman drives by with four wheels on the ground to take 2nd. The next lap, Kofoid slides him to retake 2nd.

Lap 18, Kofoid has caught the bumper of Wise in the battle for the lead.

Lap 19, Thomas Meseraull spins and the caution is out.

Green, Wise leads on the cushion in turn one. 2nd-6th all roll the inside lane.

Lap 20, Kofoid dives to the inside back in turn one. He jumps right through the ruts and powers to the lead off turn two.

Lap 23, Justin Grant and Web Wise bang bars off turn two. Grant takes over 2nd.

Lap 30, Kofoid has caught the tail of the field. He leads Grant by 2 seconds.

Lap 34, Kofoid bobbles off turn two. He knocked a rut and the car darted right but he saves it. Grant has climbed to his bumper.

Lap 37, Meseraull and Ryan Timms tangle in turn two, caution. Meseraull gives Timms a slow clap.

Green, Kofoid leads Grant into turn one. Thorson runs wide in turn one and loses 10 or more positions.

Lap 50, Kyle Larson has sliced from the tail of the 28 car field to 12th.

Fuel stop

Lap 53, Michael Faccinto is turned after contact with Thomas Meseraull. Bryant Wiedeman (3rd) and Shane Golobic (4th) are collected and the caution is out.

This caution will double as the fuel stop. Teams can’t change tires, fuel only.

Green, Kofoid leads Grant in turn one.

Lap 58, Larson has climbed to 6th! He slides Wise for a spot in turn three and they rub bars in turn four.

34 to go, Kyle Larson is upside down in turn one after jumping the cushion! He lands back on his wheels and gets a hook to the pit area.

The crew is able to repair the machine! Larson gets a push and he’s back on track.

Green, Kofoid leads Grant into turn one.

28 to go, Macedi wheelies from turn two to turn three, he runs 3rd.

27 to go, Zeb Wise is around, caution.

Green, Kofoid launches from the cushion and leads into turn one.

20 to go

20 to go, Seavey to 4th. He’s rolling right through the middle, a lane to himself.

17 to go, Michael Faccinto stalls, caution.

Green, Kofoid leads Grant at the line.

15 to go, Grant is all over the bumper of Kofoid in the battle for the lead. Grant slides him in turn three. Kofoid crosses under him and they fight for space into turn one. Grant holds him off and takes over the lead.

13 to go, Kyle Larson is over the cushion and stalls. He gets a push for the third time.

Green, Grant leads Kofoid. Seavey works the outside of Windom, Seavey to 3rd. Nobody else is running the middle lane in turn one, Seavey has created that lane on his own.

7 to go, Grant leads Kofoid by three car lengths.

4 to go, Grant opens the gap slightly. He has clear track ahead.

Justin Grant wins at Placerville Speedway!

Placerville Speedway
Race Results
November 20, 2021

The following includes all on-track action:


Hot Laps (Top 5 – Combined) : 1. Kevin Thomas Jr (12.346) 2. Tanner Carrick (12.426); 3. Bryant Wiedeman (12.465); 4. Shane Golobic (12.483) 5. Ethan Mitchell (12.495);

Heat Races

Unique Format: Drivers collect passing and finish order points. The top 20 point earners transfer straight to the main event.

Heat 1 : 1. Tanner Carrick; 2. Colby Copeland; 3. Mitchel Moles; 4. Ryan Timms; 5. Ethan Mitchell; 6. Kyle Larson; 7. Bryant Wiedeman; 8. Kevin Thomas Jr; 9. Mariah Ede; 10. Caden Sarale; 11. Ben Worth; 12. Austin Barnhill; 13. Anthony Esberg;

Heat 2 : 1. Tanner Thorson; 2. Blake Bower; 3. Shane Golobic; 4. Carson Macedo; 5. Justin Grant; 6. Michael Faccinto; 7. Emerson Axsom; 8. Colby Johnson; 9. Chase Elliott; 10. Chance Crum; 11. Dylan Ito; 12. Ben Wiesz;

Heat 3 : 1. Chase Randall; 2. Branham Crouch; 3. Logan Seavey; 4. Chase Johnson; 5. Jade Avedisian; 6. Maria Cofer; 7. Chris Windom; 8. Jake Andreotti; 9. Thomas Meseraull; 10. Hayden Reinbold; 11. Jake Morgan; 12. Thomas Esberg;

Heat 4 : 1. Cory Eliason; 2. Cannon McIntosh; 3. Kaylee Bryson; 4. Ryan Robinson; 5. Buddy Kofoid; 6. Jason McDougal; 7. Taylor Reimer; 8. Ryan Bernal; 9. Zeb Wise; 10. Carson Sousa; 11. Mike Snider; 12. Randi Pankratz;

Alphabet Mains

C-Main 1 (Top 4 Advance to B Main) : 1. Dylan Ito; 2. Hayden Reinbold; 3. Mariah Ede; 4. Jake Morgan; 5. Ben Worth; 6. Chase Elliott; 7. Ben Wiesz; 8. Mike Snider; 9. Randi Pankratz; 10. Austin Barnhill; 11. Ryan Bernal; 12. Thomas Esberg;

B-Main 2 (Top 4 Advance to A Main) : 1. Michael Faccinto; 2. Tanner Carrick; 3. Thomas Meseraull; 4. Kaylee Bryson; 5. Chase Randall; 6. Cory Eliason; 7. Chase Johnson; 8. Jade Avedisian; 9. Mitchel Moles; 10. Jake Andreotti; 11. Caden Sarale; 12. Carson Sousa; 13. Jake Morgan; 14. Dylan Ito; 15. Blake Bower; 16. Chance Crum; 17. Ryan Robinson; 18. Colby Johnson; 19. Hayden Reinbold; 20. Mariah Ede;

Main Event

100 Laps | $20,000 to win

1. Justin Grant
2. Buddy Kofoid
3. Logan Seavey
4. Chris Windom
5. Carson Macedo
6. Tanner Thorson
7. Cory Eliason
8. Emerson Axsom
9. Tanner Carrick
10. Shane Golobic
11. Kevin Thomas Jr
12. Thomas Meseraull
13. Colby Copeland
14. Kaylee Bryson
15. Bryant Wiedeman
16. Taylor Reimer
17. Zeb Wise
18. Kyle Larson
19. Cannon McIntosh
20. Chase Elliott
21. Jade Avedisian
22. Ethan Mitchel
23. Michael Faccinto
24. Ryan Timms
25. Jason McDougal
26. Maria Cofer
27. Carson Sousa
28. Brenham Crouch

Hangtown 100 Points

Pos | Driver | Points

1. Logan Seavey

-Remain points pending


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