Ryan Blaney vs Erik Jones at the LA Coliseum (Video)

NASCAR driver Ryan Blaney threw his Hans device at the car of Erik Jones in rare moment of frustration

On Sunday, NASCAR opened their 2022 season with an exhibition event. The Busch Light Clash took place at the LA Coliseum in California.

Watch the Ryan Blaney video below.

The track is a short 1/4-mile oval, the shortest track on the NASCAR scheduled in several decades. When the green flag dropped on the 150 lap main event, drama was expected and almost encouraged.

With 37 to go, Ryan Blaney and Erik Jones were racing for 7th. Contact was made and anger ensued.

Jones drove it deep into the corner and tagged Blaney in the left rear bumper. As Blaney was forced up the track, Jones worked to his inside and they made more door to door contact.

Blaney was forced wide off the corner. He brushed the wall with the right rear.

Following the contact, Ryan Blaney’s car was broke. He coasted around the inside of the track and NASCAR was forced to throw the caution.

Blaney pulled to the infield of the track under caution. He then climbed from his car, removed his expensive Hans device and walked toward the infield pit wall.

Blaney waited for the No. 42 car to come into the scene and he tossed his Hans device at Jones under the caution.

Laps later, Blaney climbed back into his car an rejoined the race. Typically, that’s not allowed but it is during exhibition events.

Ryan Blaney comments

“He wants to destroy me, for 7th, it don’t really make no sense,” Ryan Blaney told Fox Sports.

“So, I don’t know. Just kinda riding around and guy just run into the back of yeah, killed our car.”

“I was mad. You’ll have that,” Blaney concluded.

Erik Jones comments

“I was racing with him there and he brake checked me off of four,” Erik Jones stated.

“It’s like, ok. No real reason. So, I didn’t appreciate that and felt like I showed it on the track.”

“If we have a conversation, we have a conversation. It’s an exhibition race and we’re out here doing what we can.”

Jones added, “I was frustrated with the move that he made. So, that’s what happened.”

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Ryan Blaney vs Erik Jones
Erik Jones bumps Ryan Blaney

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