Kyle Busch purposefully wall rides in final lap at Nashville (Video)

Watch the onboard video of the final lap from the NASCAR race at Nashville Superspeedway

For the 2022 season, NASCAR launched the Next Gen car. The car is entirely different than previous models. Many teams are still wrapping their heads around how to tune them for various track configurations.

Last weekend, NASCAR raced at Nashville Superspeedway. The 1.5-mile track brought headaches for the No. 18 driver. Kyle Busch restarted 6th row outside on the final restart.

However, Ross Chastain, Bubba Wallace, Christopher Bell and Brad Keselowski ran four wide into the corner. This happened directly in front of Busch and put him in dirty air. Things got worse from there as Busch lost momentum.

Denny Hamlin laid a bumper to Cole Custer into turn three. Custer chased his car up the track and ran into the side of Brad Keselowski.

Once again, this happened directly in front of Kyle Busch as he lifted, three cars drove by on the inside. But, two more had a run and they split him, taking Busch three wide back into turn one.

Nashville Race Results: June 26, 2022 (NASCAR Cup Series)

Kyle Busch wall rides at Nashville Superspeedway

Busch’s car was noticeably tight. Even if he drove it all the way to the inside he would still have to lift off the corner as he would run out of race track on corner exit.

When he tried to run the top, it was more obvious. However, Busch was forced to roll with it.

Tyler Reddick drove inside of Busch and took the low line away. Busch ran the top.

In dirty air, the car wouldn’t turn. But, with just one lap to go, Busch was done lifting off the corner.

Instead, he stayed in the gas and ran the car all the way to the outside wall. When the car got to the wall, he stayed in the throttle and rode the wall, forcing the car to turn.

He did it in turn two. Then, he did it again in turn four.

“These cars are the biggest pieces of shit in traffic,” Kyle Busch said over the radio, referring to the Next Gen car.

Kyle Busch hints at ‘Goodbye’ with Joe Gibbs Racing contract

Kyle Busch working on contract for 2023

Kyle Busch’s contract at Joe Gibbs Racing is set to expire at the end of the season. At the same time, MARS Incorporated is leaving the sport at the end of the year.

Joe Gibbs Racing is on a sponsor search for the No. 18 car. It was reported several weeks ago that JGR had reached out to marketing departments at another team to further help with the search. All hands are on deck.

Busch has stated that if the contract isn’t renewed then he’ll seek other opportunities. At the same time, Toyota Racing Development has been open in their desire to find him a new deal.

“I’ve been very outspoken relative to Toyota’s view of Kyle Busch, and in spite of his polarizing personality and the heavy lifting he’s presented anybody that he’s been partnered with. We haven’t given up on him. We’re not going to give up on him,” David Wilson of Toyota Racing Development said.

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Kyle Busch wall rides at Nashville Superspeedway

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