NASCAR Rules Update: Wraps and Windshields (August 2022)

New NASCAR rules regarding the race car wrap and windows

In late July, Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch were disqualified after Pocono Raceway. Hamlin won the event while his Joe Gibbs Racing teammate finished 2nd.

Details were released shortly after noting that a piece of tape was the reason for both DQ’s. The tape was installed under the wrap of the body and used to adjust the body shape of the car.

Now, the official NASCAR rules have been adjusted to the games from the garage area. See the new NASCAR rule book lines below…

Denny Hamlin and Kyle Busch have been disqualified after the NASCAR race at Pocono Raceway

Joe Gibbs Racing puts nose tape on display after NASCAR DQ (Video)

New NASCAR rules

New lines in bold

14.5 C : “The perimeter of the winer must remain flush with the body surface for the entire event. Silicone will not be permitted to seal the quarter windows. Sealing or adhering of the quarter windows to the body will not be permitted.

14.5 D : “External surfaces of the body panels may be wrapped or wrapped with paint applied to the wrap. Any External wrap or coating must be removable. Textured paint or vinyl will not be permitted.”

The wrap must conform to the underlying surface. The wrap must not create new features and must not diminish existing features.

14.5 H : “Windshield tear-offs may be used on the windshield only and must be installed securely to prevent loss during an Event. Windshield tear-offs may not cover the inlet of the driver cooling duct.”

“Effective August 4, 2022 August 24, 2022, removal tabs must be located on one side only and must be located within 6 8 inches of the upper corner of the windshield.”

Joe Gibbs Racing nose tape seen a month before Pocono penalty (Photos)


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