Mike Skinner still mad from lack of teamwork with Dale Earnhardt

Earnhardt pushed Jeff Gordon to the Daytona 500 win, instead of pushing his RCR teammate Mike Skinner

In the 1999 Daytona 500, Jeff Gordon started from the pole position with newcomer Tony Stewart on the outside pole. Dale Earnhardt entered the race as the defending winner, as he claimed the race win for the first time the year prior.

At the time, Mike Skinner drove the No. 31 car. He was the Richard Childress Racing teammate of Earnhardt.

With 11 laps to go of the 200, Skinner, Rusty Wallace and Gordon ran three wide for the lead. With 10 to go, Wallace dropped through the middle.

Instead of lining up with the bumper of his teammate, Earnhardt instead shoved Gordon out to the lead.

And 23 years later, Mike Skinner is still a bit salty about the situation. An image appeared online, showing Earnhardt pushing the No. 24 clear of Skinner.

Years later, Mike Skinner comments

Skinner responded to the image, “That was total bullshit no way to treat a teammate.”

And, with that, twitter caught fire.

Skinner responded to twitter comments, “He possibly was the greatest driver in history. I have all the respect in the world it still made me mad.”

“In 98 I pushed him by Jeff Gordon to win the 500.”

“Long time ago not worth arguing about I remember it like it was yesterday every picture tells a story thanks for your opinion piece out.”

Skinner concluded, “I apologize for any comments don’t mean to set Twitter on fire had more respect for Dale than any of you could even imagine and miss him very much.”

Dale Earnhardt pushed Jeff Gordon to win

1999 Daytona 500

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