Dover Race Results: April 29, 2023 (ARCA Menards Series)

ARCA results from Dover Motor Speedway

Next up, the ARCA Menards Series East driver take the stage in Dover, Delaware. The 1-mile of Dover Motor Speedway is set to host the General Tire 125.

View Dover race results for the ARCA Menards Series below.

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William Sawalich and Zachary Tinkle set the front row. 125 laps of stock car racing are up next…

Race Report

Green flag, they run side by side into turn one. Sawalich wiggles on the inside lane but he still powers to the lead off turn two.

Lap 3, Lavar Scott is all over the bumper of Sawalich for the lead off turn two. He dives inside ahead of turn three, Scott to the lead in turn four!

Lap 7, Conner Jones is all over Scott off turn two. He pulls to the inside, Jones to the lead into turn three.

Lap 25, Conner Jones leads Jake Finch by 2.5 seconds.

Lap 32, the first race break caution is out. The field is frozen as teams have 5 minutes to make changes.

Green, Jones is clear before turn one. Landen Lewis takes 2nd away.

Lap 37, Lewis has a run off turn four! He dives inside into turn one, Lewis to the lead!

Lap 38, Jake Finch has a look inside of Lewis for the lead into turn three. Lewis leaves the lane open, Jake Finch to the lead!

Lap 65, Finch leads Lewis by 1 second.

Lap 71, the second race break caution is out. Teams have another 5 minutes to make adjustments with the field frozen.

Green, Finch leads Lewis.

34 to go, Lavar Scott is loose. He can’t wrestle it to the bottom as the car just wiggles up the track. He’s dropping backward.

30 to go, Landen Lewis is closing Finch in the battle for the lead!

25 to go, Lewis has closed to within two car lengths of Finch.

10 to go, Lewis gets loose off the corner and he loses ground.

9 to go, Conner Jones slams the wall in turn three with a flat right front tire! The caution is out.

Toni Breidinger has come to a stop under caution! She was running 5th as it happened.

Green in Overtime, Finch and Lewis run door to door in turn one. They rub doors in the middle of the corner as Lewis pinches Finch down. Still side by side into turn three.

1 to go, they remain side by side at the white flag. Finch runs Lewis wide into turn three!

Jake Finch wins at Dover Motor Speedway!

Dover Motor Speedway
Race Results
April 29, 2023
ARCA Menards Series

Pos | Driver

1. Jake Finch

2. Landen Lewis

3. Luke Fenhaus

4. William Sawalich

5. Lavar Scott

6. Zachary Tinkle

7. Toni Breidinger

8. Ed Pompa

9. Conner Jones

10. Sean Hingorani

11. brad Smith

12. Rita Goulet

13. CJ McLaughlin

14. Dale Shearer

15. Tim Monroe

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