Chase Briscoe passed out during hand surgery

NASCAR driver Chase Briscoe is still having issues with his broken finger

In early April, Chase Briscoe crashed in a dirt late model at Volunteer Speedway. The crash ripped the wheel out of his hands and snapped a finger bone in half.

Briscoe raced for several weeks before he went into surgery. The driver then raced on the Bristol Dirt Track and Martinsville Speedway before he finally went into surgery.

Pins were put into his hand. That took place in Mid-April.

Recently, Briscoe returned for another surgery. This time, they took the pins out. And during that process, the NASCAR driver passed out…

NASCAR driver Chase Briscoe completes finger surgery (Photo)

Chase Briscoe comments on his surgery

“I passed out after they gave me the numbing stuff,” Chase Briscoe told Fox Sports.

“I don’t know what was going on. I’m not really afraid of needles or anything. Ended up passing out.”

“I got the pins out. The one took like 15 minutes. Now, I have stitches because they had to cut off more skin to get the pin out than they thought.”

“It’s been a process. I never thought in a million years it would be as big of a deal as it was.”

“It’s turned into a somewhat big deal. I still don’t have a lot of move-ability. But, I have no pain in the car or everyday life.”

“All good. Ready to get the process done and over with.”

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