Will Power, Scott Dixon crash; Double middle finger sent (Video)

Indycar driver Will Power is furious after a rough start to the race weekend at Road America

Indycar is racing at Road America this weekend. And, there’s already drama at the Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin road course.

On Saturday morning, the track hosted the second practice session of the weekend. Scott Dixon was coasting after a spin on old tires, likely looking for open track. Yet, Dixon was unaware that Will Power was on the throttle and coming fast behind him.

Dixon swerved, likely just to check if there was any damage to the car but he turned right into Power. The two collided and both cars went off track and into the grass. Both cars picked up heavy damage after slamming a concrete wall.

Power was heated. He jumped from his car, turned toward Dixon with both middle fingers high in the air.

Power then walked over to Dixon’s machine to scream a bit. As the two drivers met in the middle between their mangled machines, Power grabbed Dixon by his firesuit.

Two members of the safety team were able to stand between the two drivers and get them separated.

As Power walked away in pure frustration, he kicked a broken piece of the car that sat on the ground.

Scott Dixon comments after the crash

Will Power and Scott Dixon - Indycar Series - Road America - By_ Travis Hinkle
Will Power and Scott Dixon – Indycar Series – Road America (Photo: Travis Hinkle)

“We were on really old tires, almost 20 lap old tires,” Scott Dixon set the scene while speaking to NBC.

“I saw Grosjean after I recovered. And, I didn’t realize Power was even there. Really sorry for him and his team.”

“A mistake on my behalf. I feel frustrated for wrecking his car and our car.”

Aside from their discussion in the grass, the two drivers spoke during the ambulance ride to the pit lane.

“We ended up getting in the medical car together, he was fine after that. Everybody gets fired up, especially with how tight things are at the moment.”

Dixon added, “I feel bad for the situation.”

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Will Power comments after the crash

Will Power and Scott Dixon - Indycar Series - Grand Prix at Road America - By_ James Black
Will Power and Scott Dixon – Indycar Series – Grand Prix at Road America (Photo: James Black)

“Scott moved abruptly and I was coming. It’s a very unfortunate incident,” Will Power stated.

“Nothing I could really do there. Didn’t expect him to move.”

“Such a pity. We had a pretty good car. We’ll rebuild it and see what happens.”

Power concluded, “Not a good situation but these things happen.”

Will Power comments after qualifying

After making repairs to the machine, Power entered the track for qualifying just a few hours later. And after it went all wrong in qualifying, Power was re-fired up about his race weekend.

“This track’s terrible when you go off. They do a terrible job here,” Will Power told NBC after qualifying.

“They need to pick up their game. Everywhere you go off, you almost break your back. I’ve done it a couple times this weekend. They need a kick in the butt, this place.”

Major portions of the track have been repaved ahead of this weekend. However, in this scenario, Power is speaking on the ground in the run-off areas, off course. He’s been able to test the ride in the grass, multiple times this weekend.

“I’m just pissed for what Dixon did this morning. Ruined our whole weekend, just a terrible move. Disappointed with what happened, really disappointed.”

Power added, “And Grosjean is a piece of crap, if you saw what he did in practice. He needs a punch in the face.”

Grosjean run Power wide in practice. He shoved Power off in the grass.

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Scott Dixon crashes Will Power
Road America Crash Video

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