NASCAR Inspection Issues: Nashville Superspeedway (June 2023)

NASCAR inspection at Nashville Superspeedway

This weekend, NASCAR is racing in Nashville, Tennessee. The NASCAR Cup Series takes on Nashville Superspeedway.

View Nashville inspection issues below.

Yesterday, the NASCAR Cup Series rolled to the track for a round of practice. It was the first full length practice session since Phoenix Raceway, months ago.

Nashville Practice Results: June 23, 2023 (NASCAR Cup Series)

Today, the field unloaded for qualifying. Before qualifying, teams are required to roll through the NASCAR inspection line.

Many teams failed on their first attempt through the inspection line. However, no penalties are issued for the first failure.

Kyle Larson and the other cars that failed on their first attempt were able to pass on their second attempt through the line.

Inspection is now complete.

Nashville TV Schedule: June 2023 (NASCAR)

Nashville Superspeedway
Pre-Qualifying Inspection

NASCAR inspection penalties:

1 Failure
No Penalty

2 Failures
Crew member of NASCAR’s choosing ejected (crew member cannot be replaced). Additionally, the team loses pit selection.

3 Failures
Not permitted to qualify plus above penalty.

Nashville Qualifying Order: June 2023 (NASCAR)


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