Slinger Nationals Results: July 11, 2023

Matt Kenseth, Chase Elliott, William Byron and Erik Jones join the super late model field

It’s the night of the Slinger Nationals, one of the biggest super late model races of the season. The field is set to take on the 1/4-mile bullring of Slinger Super Speedway.

View Slinger Nationals results below.

Levon Van Der Geest and Gio Ruggiero set the front row. 200 laps of short track racing are up next…

Main Event

Green flag, Levon Van Der Geest gets the jump. Austin Nason follows him through to take 2nd. Matt Kenseth leans on the bumper of Ruggiero for 3rd but he can’t complete the pass.

Lap 4, Austin Nason looks inside of Van Der Geest for the lead. Nason clears him to take the lead.

Lap 10, William Byron slides Derek Thorn for 5th. Thorn gets into his bumper and Steve Apel drives by both of them to take 5th away.

Lap 28, William Sawalich, Brad Mueller and Brad keith spin and the caution is out.

Green, Nason leads as they rub fenders for 2nd behind him. Levon Van Der Geest takes 2nd away.

Lap 66, Luke Fenhaus works by Ruggiero to take 2nd away.

Lap 67, Matt Kenseth is off the pace. He heads for the pit lane under green.

Lap 74, Fenhaus is on the bumper of Nason for the lead. Nason moves up the track opting for the defensive outside lane. Fenhaus pulls even on the inside and takes the lead away.

Race break

Lap 100, the race break caution is out.

Green, Fenhaus and Nason run side by side at the front. Fenhaus wins the battle via the inside lane.

Lap 135, Derek Thorn doors Jacob Nottestad for 8th. As he’s forced up the banking, Chase Elliott works under him for 9th.

34 to go, Fenhaus leads Majeski by 1 second.

6 to go, Luke Fenhaus works heavy lap traffic. 8 cars are on the lead lap.

3 to go, Levon Van Der Geest pulls to the apron with a broken machine from 6th. The caution is out.

Green, Fenhaus and Majeski run side by side into turn one. Majeski noses ahead on the outside off turn two! Majeski clears him off turn four from the outside lane!

Ty Majeski wins the Slinger Nationals!

Slingler Speedway
Race Results
July 11, 2023

Full Super Late Model Results:


Qualifying (Top 16 Lock Into Main Event) : 1. 11P-Alex Prunty (11.3040); 2. 92B-RJ Braun (11.3400); 3. 91M-Ty Majeski (11.3530); 4. 4F-Luke Fenhaus (11.3610); 5. 9E-Chase Elliott (11.3630); 6. 51A-Steve Apel (11.3840); 7. 7T-Derek Thorn (11.3900); 8. 24B-William Byron (11.4020); 9. 8K-Matt Kenseth (11.4021); 10. Austin Nason (11.406);

11. Gio Ruggiero (11.408); 12. Levon Van Der Geest (11.419); 13. Grant Griesbach (11.421); 14. Jacob Nottestad (11.426); 15. Conrad Morgan (11.426); 16. Johnny Sauter (11.439); 17. Dennis Prunty (11.441); 18. Ryan Farrell (11.456); 19. Brad Mueller (11.458); 20. William Sawalich (11.463);

21. Rich Loch (11.464); 22. John DeAngelis (11.467); 23. Connor Jones (11.472); 24. Jeff Storm (11.480); 25. Derek Kraus (11.483); 26. Brad Keith (11.493); 27. Gabe Sommers (11.495); 28. Ryan DeStafano (11.519); 29. Erik Jones (11.529); 30. Blake Brown (11.533);

31. Jeremy Lepak (11.547); 32. Michael Hinde (11.556); 33. Stephen Nasse (11.582); 34. Steve Dorer (11.598)


40 Laps (Top 4 Advance) : 1. William Sawalich; 2. John DeAngelis; 3. Erik Jones; 4. Connor Jones; 5. Rich Loch; 6. Derek Kraus; 7. Blake Brown; 8. Gabe Sommers; 9. Jeremy Lepak; 10. Jeff Storm; 11. Ryan Farrell; 12. Ryan DeStefano; 13. Steve Dorer;

Main Event

1. Ty Majeski

2. Luke Fenhaus

3. Derek Thorn

4. John DeAngelis

5. Austin Nason

6. Chase Elliott

7. Steve Apel

8. Levon Van Der Geest

9. Brad Mueller

10. William Byron

11. Erik Jones

12. Stephen Nasse

13. Gio Ruggiero

14. Jacob Nottestad

15. Derek Kraus

16. Dennis Prunty

17. William Sawalich

18. Rich Loch

19. Grant Griebach

20. Alex Prunty

21. Johnny Sauter

22. Matt Kenseth

23. Connor Jones

24. Conrad Morgan

25. Brad Keith

26. RJ Braun

27. Ryan DeStefano


Slinger Speedway