New Hampshire Results: July 15, 2023 (NASCAR Modified)

NASCAR results from New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Next up, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour has the stage in Loudon, NH. The 1-mile of New Hampshire Motor Speedway is set for the Mohegan Sun 100.

View New Hampshire results for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour below.

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Justin Bonsignore and Anthony Nocella set the front row. 100 laps of open wheel racing are up next…

New Hampshire
Race Report

Green flag, Bonsignore is clear into turn one.

lap 3, Nocella dives inside of Bonsignore into turn three. He clears him to take the lead. The top 10 run nose to tail.

Lap 6, Bonsignore has a run on Nocella. He dives inside in turn three to retake the lead.

Lap 8, Doug Coby to the lead. It’s short lived as Bonsignore crosses under him to take it right back.

Lap 18, Silk dives inside of Bonsignore for the lead. The next lap, Bonsignore takes it right back. The top 3 cars have broken away from the field.

Lap 35, Doug Coby to the lead. A lap later, Bonsignore takes it right back.

Lap 50, Justin Bonsignore leads Tyler Rypkema as the leaders have stopped dicing and broken away from the pack.

Lap 66, the caution is out due to rain.

Several hours later, the race is set to resume. Slow stop for Bonsignore and Doug Coby is handed the race lead. Justin Bonsignore restarts in 10th.

Green, Coby and Silk run near even into turn one. Ron Silk takes the lead off turn two. Coby dives inside into turn three, Coby back to the lead.

19 to go

19 to go, Silk slides Coby for the lead in turn one. Coby fights back on the inside of turn three to retakes the lead. Justin Bonsignore is up to 7th.

18 to go, Bobby Santos is in the wall, caution.

Green, Silk leads off turn two. Coby slides him for the lead into turn three.

11 to go, Silk slides Coby for the lead into turn three.

10 to go, Silk slides Coby for the lead into turn one. Coby slides him back. Bonsignore is up to 4th.

Patrick Emerling dives inside of Silk for 2nd. They bang bars off turn four, Silk holds the spot. Bonsignore slides Emerling for 3rd.

6 to go, Bonsignore slides Silk for 2nd.

5 to go, Bonsignore slides Coby for the race lead! Coby slides him back into turn three!

3 to go, Coby is blocking the inside lane. Bonsignore is all over his bumper.

2 to go, Bonsignore slides Coby for the lead into turn three.

1 to go, Bonsignore blocks the inside into turn one. With the narrow entry, Bonsignore runs wide off turn four, Coby crosses under him.

They race side by side off turn four for the final time, rubbing bars.

Justin Bonsignore wins at New Hampshire Motor Speedway!

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
Race Results
July 15, 2023
NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour

Pos | Driver

1. Justin Bonsignore

2. Doug Coby

3. Ron Silk

4. Austin Beers

5. Patrick Emerling

6. Anthony Sesely

7. Corey LaJoie

8. Matt Swanson

9. Andy Suess

10. Jake Johnson

11. Chase Dowling

12. Ronnie Williams

13. Eric Goodale

14. Dave Sapienza

15. Tyler Rypkema

16. Anthony Nocella

17. Max LcLaughlin

18. Kyle Bonsignore

19. Woody Pitkat

20. Edward McCarthy Jr

21. Tommy Catalano

22. Tim Connolly

23. Matt Kimball

24. Anthony Bello

25. Ken Heagy

26. Bryan Dauzat

27. Bobby Santos III

28. Melissa Fifield

29. Max Zachem

30. Craig Lutz

New Hampshire Motor Speedway
July 15, 2023

New Hampshire Motor Speedway | NASCAR