New Hampshire Race Results: July 16, 2022 (NASCAR Whelen Modified)

NASCAR Whelen Modified results from New Hampshire Motor Speedway

Next up, the NASCAR Whelen Modified Series has rolled to the starting grid in Loudon, NH. It’s the Whelen Manufactured in America 100 on the 1.058-mile of New Hampshire Motor Speedway.

View the 2022 New Hampshire results for the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour below.

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The NASCAR Cup Series is sharing the track with the Modified division. Corey LaJoie and Ryan Preece are set to strap into their modifieds.

Justin Bonsignore and Jon McKennedy set the front row. 100 laps of open wheel racing are up next…

New Hampshire
Race Report

Green flag, Bonsignore is clear off turn two.

Lap 3, Doug Coby has a run into turn one. He clears him to take the lead.

Lap 21, Bobby Santos Jr spins, caution.

Coby and most of the field head for the pit lane. Coby stalls exiting his box. Kyle Bonsignore exits his stall with the fuel can attached and he’ll serve a penalty. Eric Goodale stays out to take over the lead.

Green, Anthony Nocella slids Goodale into turn one, Nocella to the lead. Goodale has a run as they return to turn one, Goodale back to the lead.

Lap 28, Nocella slides Goodale once more, clear. Four car crash behind them! Kyle Ebersole, Dave Sapienza, Austin Beers and point leader Ron Silk are involved. Beers spun in front of them and collected three more.

Corey LaJoie hits the pit lane as the front toe is knocked out. Three pits stops for him as the crew works it out.

Green, Nocella drives it deep to the inside in turn one to take the lead.

Lap 39, Goodale has another run on Nocella, Goodale to the lead.

Lap 46, Donny Lia has a run on Goodale into turn one. Lia leads for the first time today.

Lap 57, LaJoie has climbed back to 8th.

36 to go

36 to go, the lap car of Justin Bonsignore bangs bars with Tommy Catalano and LaJoie drives by both those cars for one more spot.

20 to go, Lia leads Goodale by 2 seconds.

18 to go, Tommy Catalano is up in smoke. He comes to a stop and the caution is out.

Lia, Goodale and most of the leaders head for the pit lane. Fuel only for Lia! Goodale takes 2 tires, Doug Coby takes 4. Slow stop for LaJoie as the crew struggles with the left front.

Green, Lia and Goodale run side by side into turn one. Goodale wiggles on the inside lane, Lia leads off turn two.

11 to go, Goodale has a run and he clears Lia into turn one. Patrick Emerling looks inside of Lia for 2nd, they bang bars, Lia runs wide and Emerling takes 2nd away.

9 to go, Goodale and Emerling run bumper to bumper at the front. They’ve broken away from the rest of the field.

7 to go, Donny Lia is around in turn two, caution!

Green, Emerling trades bars with Goodale into turn one. Emerling leads off turn two. He blocks the inside into turn three, Goodale drives right by on the outside and returns to the lead!

2 to go, Emerling gives a huge shove to Goodale into turn three.

1 to go, Merling has a run off turn two. He looks to the inside in turn three. Emerling slides him and clears him. Goodale crosses under him.

Emerling turns down to throw a block and he spins off the bumper of Goodale down the front stretch! Anthony Nocella wins the race to the line as the leaders crash!

New Hampshire
Race Results
July 16, 2022
NASCAR Whelen Modified

Pos | Driver

1. Anthony Nocella
2. Kyle Bonsignore
3. Patrick Emerling
4. Eric Goodale
5. Jon McKennedy
6. Ryan Preece
7. Doug Coby
8. Donny Lia
9. Corey LaJoie
10. Craig Lutz
11. Austin Beers
12. Justin Bonsignore
13. Bobby Santos Jr
14. Ed McCarthy
15. Ken Heagy
16. JB Fortin
17. Walter Sutcliffe Jr
18. Gary McDonald
19. Tyler Rypkema
20. Tommy Catalano
21. Ron Silk
22. Andy Seuss
23. Melissa Fifield
24. Dave Sapienza
25. Kyle Ebersole


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