NASCAR to issue ‘stern communication’ to drivers after NHMS

NASCAR has issued a warning to drivers in all three National Series

NASCAR has called restarts “sloppy” after a big crash at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. They will issue warnings to all drivers and restart violation penalties will be the result is the rule isn’t followed going forward.

Hear what NASCAR had to say below.

Justin Allgaier had the fastest car in the NASCAR Xfinity Series race. However, he ran over an air hose on the pit lane and was penalized to the tail of the field.

Then, on a restart, the field stacked up. Allgaier and many others were collected and taken out of the race. 7 cars were parked on the front stretch after the stack up and many others drove away from the scene with damage.

What the video of the NASCAR crash at New Hampshire below.

“This is one of those racetracks where we see this a lot,” Jeff Burton stated from the NBC booth. “Indy also, any time there’s a long straight. You cannot see through the car in front of you.

New Hampshire Results: July 15, 2023 (NASCAR Xfinity Series)

Elton Sawyer issues warning to drivers on restarts

“If you look at the facility, the race track, not putting blame on that. I just want to set the table,” Elton Sawyer told ‘The Morning Drive’ via Sirius XM NASCAR Radio.

“Anytime we go to a racetrack where there’s a long straightaway. There’s not a tri-oval. There’s two long lines that the front row has established.”

“Second row, third row, fourth row, you’re looking through the back glass and the windshield of the car in front of you. There’s a lot going on, just with that dynamic.”

“I don’t think either race, the Cup race or the Xfinity race, I don’t think our guys did a very good job on restarts. We’ll start there.”

“As we unfolded it, looked at the SMT data, it felt like it happened in maybe the second or third row where cars were laying back. As we get into Pocono this weekend, there will be a very stern communication line to our drivers in all three series that laying back is not going to be acceptable.”

What will be the penalty?

“It’s a restart violation. They’ll be a black flag and a drive-through penalty.”

“Our guys have done a great job with that this year. It just feels like it’s starting to get a little sloppy. So, we need to get that cleaned up before we had into the playoffs.”

This weekend, NASCAR heads to Pocono Raceway. The track has the longest straight-away in the sport and it’s not uncommon for drivers to form 7-wide on restarts.

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