Kyle Larson revises dirt track incorrectly claiming he’ll attend a race

BAPS Motor Speedway made a mistake after getting confused by a blue checkmark on twitter

BAPS Motor Speedway is a 4/10-mile dirt track. The track is located in York Haven, PA.

Like Meta, Twitter has paid for verification for their users. It allows any account to pay a fee for a verified blue checkmark.

That blue checkmark has indirectly created some confusion in the racing world. A Kyle Larson fan account @LarsonLand posted a schedule of events that Larson might run.

Staff at BAPS saw this post, thinking it was from Larson himself. They then took to twitter to incorrectly announce Kyle Larson would be attending their track.

BAPS Motor Speedway tweeted, “Kyle Larson will be here Wednesday July 19 as the World of Outlaws return for the first time in over 30 years.”

Kyle Larson responded, “I am? All I know of that I’ll be at is Lernerville tonight and Grandview Speedway next Tuesday for High Limit.”

It’s just a funny moment in a new era of social media.

BAPS clarifies

The track opened, “We made an honest mistake.”

“We were duped by a blue check mark account in regards to the Kyle Larson news.”

They concluded, “We really do hope Kyle comes out to tomorrow night’s Bricker’s Bash!”

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@LarsonLand explains the root of the confusion

“Lots of controversy on twitter right now involving Kyle Larson’s schedule and people pointing fingers at us,” the statement opened.

“As normal, we post a schedule every week highlighting races that Kyle is confirmed to race at, and races he may race at.”

“The schedule posts ALWAYS contain asterisks next to the races that are unconfirmed, along with a key at the bottom explaining it.”

“We’re merely a fan account, and we try our best to work at bringing attention to his schedule so race fans can see their favorite driver at the track. We have never officially placed CONFIRMED on a race that he isn’t confirmed to race at.”

“We have no official source to give us consistent info on Kyle’s schedule. We’ve gone two years strong highlighting Larson’s racing on four main social media platforms, and we have never put out misinformation.”

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Update: Larson shows up

And after all that, Larson showed up to BAPS anyway.

He was 10th overall in practice. Then, he followed that up by running 6th of 35 cars in qualifying.

However, weather rolled into the area and the race has been postponed until July 20th.


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